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Top Five App Stores to Install Paid Apps & Games for Free

The official app store for Android, iOS, or Microsoft do have a lot of apps, but many of them are paid. And many users want to enjoy those apps without paying them. So for such users, I am sharing top 5 app stores which can be used to install paid apps and games for free. These app stores carry millions of apps which you can download on your device. The amazing thing is that some of the app stores also carry hacked apps with lots of functionalities already unlocked.

5 Top App Stores to Install Paid Apps & Games for Free:

Now we have top 5 app stores to install paid apps and games for free. Without testing your patience more let me take you straight towards the list of 5 best app stores to install paid apps and games for free.


Aptoide is one of the popular third-party app stores which has millions of apps to download from. It has hosts way more apps than official app stores available out there.

You can download paid games for free, download hacked games, and many amazing third-party apps. It supports 17 different languages which make it easy to use for people from various geographical locations. It also gives an account to developers to create their apps and publish that on their market for free. Aptoide is a complete package for both users and developers.



  • Millions of apps available to be downloaded for free
  • Hacked games with unlimited coins and gems
  • 17 different languages supported
  • Excellent functionality for both users and developers


Blackmart is one of the best app installers which let you download millions of apps for free. They have a vast library of apps. This app store lets you enjoy and every type of app on your device. It also allows you to download and Install paid apps or games for free.

Blackmart has amazing user-interface which makes it easily navigable app store. All the apps on Blackmart are properly sorted and organized which makes it easy to look for your favorite apps. You can also use their search bar for looking for your app.



  • Millions of apps to download for free
  • Download paid apps and games for free
  • Easily navigable app store
  • User-friendly interface

Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market is another best app store available out there which has numerous amazing features to enjoy. There are a lot of stuff to download from their app store along with apps.

You can download paid apps and games for, and there is also the functionality of downloading paid music for free, paid movies for free and even paid e-books for free. It is a complete package to get all the paid stuff for free.

The Mobogenie Market has incredible user-interface which is the reason the app is very much popular among the users. The apps on the Mobogenie are properly sorted which helps the users to look for their favorite apps.

Mobogenie Market


  • Download Paid and hacked apps for free
  • Download paid music, e-books, and movies for free
  • Excellent user-friendly interface


Tutuapp is another amazing app store to install paid games and apps for free. It gives access to thousands of premium apps and let you install it for free. You can also download the hacked games using Tutuapp. It means the games with unlimited coins or gems, unlocked functionality, and other by-passes. It gives incredible optimization functionality for your smartphone like transferring your photos and documents fast, speeds up your phone and much more.

Tutu App


Apple is the last app store on my list which let you an option to download your favorite apps on your devices. It also has the functionality to download the paid apps for free. It gives you access to various apps which are not available in the official app stores. All the latest games and apps are available on their app store.

It has a fantastic user-friendly interface which let users quickly look for their favorite apps. Users can use their search for searching their favorite app. Moreover, it is very easy to use app store among the all listed here.



  • Amazing apps to download for free
  • User-friendly interface
  • All latest games and apps available

This was the list of app stores which let you install paid apps and games for free. I am sure this article would have helped you through and if you want to tip us any other app installer then feel free to share the name with your experience in the comment box. Do you consider this article worth reading? If you do then don’t forget to share this article with others who might be looking for the same. So keep sharing and keep helping.

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