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Top 5 Tips for Playing Games on an iPhone

The main problem you have like an iPhone gamer and slot player is that unless you find some of the new slots that have skill-based bonus games and bonus features, the chances of you winning when playing are down to luck and luck alone.

However, having said that there are of course quite a number of ways to play slot machines for real money in such a way that you do get something of an increased chance of having a longer session playing, and could if Lady Luck is on your side increase your chances of winning too.

With that in mind, below you will find the best five tips for playing slots on iPhone devices written by Jacob Atkinson, so make sure you pay attention and digest each of the following tips so that you are fully aware of them when you next fire up your iPhone and play slot machines on that device.

High Payout Percentages Means More Winning Payouts

As each slot machine has been designed around its own unique payout percentage the onus is on you to locate the ones with the highest payout percentages, as for just how high they can be, well if you look hard enough you will discover plenty that has been designed to return over 99% of players stakes as winning payouts over the long term.

Hit-By Progressive Jackpot iPhone Slots

Progressive iPhone slots do offer players the chance of winning big, but those huge slot machine jackpots are hard often hard to hit, and you could play slots for years and never actually win one of them.

One tip to give yourself a much greater chance of doing so is to look out for the slot machines that offer a jackpot that is guaranteed to be won before it hits a certain value, and only ever play them when the jackpots current value is not far off the guaranteed hit amount.

Make Use of Bonuses and Comps

Bonuses and comps are going to be offered and awarded to you when you do set forth and play real money slot machines on an iPhone, just keep in mind that you can of course opt not to claim any that you do not find offer any true playing value.

In fact, the best bonuses to make use of are always going to be the ones that come with the fairest terms and conditions, including low play-through requirements and no cash out limits either. So, make sure you do indeed read the terms and conditions of any bonuses that appear at first glance appealing, as they may not always be when you do so.

Best Slots Offering Huge Jackpots for Low Stakes

It does of course make sense for all slot players to set a sensible gaming limit when they are about to play, and for those of you that like playing for low stake amounts, keep in mind there will be plenty of slots that you can play even for pennies but still have the chance of winning big.

Those slot machines include progressive slots and high variance ones too, it is however usually via the bonus games that you can trigger when playing low stake high variance video slots where the biggest payouts can be achieved, so do keep that in mind at all times.

Play Only Certified Fair Slot Machines

One rather obvious tip when it comes to playing real money iPhone slot machines is that you should only ever set about playing those that have been certified and independently verified as being 100% fair and random.

Many of the leading casino and slot game apps have gone to great lengths to prove to their players and their respective licensing authorities that their range of slots is indeed complete games of chance, so make sure you stick to playing on those better run and operated apps.

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