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Top 5 No-Code Development Platforms

More and more companies over the last few years are optimising their software development with no code and low-code platforms. The method of making apps without writing codes is known as no-code development. It has gained insane popularity in the last 2-3 years because of its time efficiency, low cost, and ease. This is only possible because of several no-code platforms online that allow pre-configured blocks to drag and drop.

In this piece we are going to going to discuss the top 5 no-code development platforms in 2021:


The very first platform on our list is ‘Nintex’. It is considered the leader in the no-code development industry. Users get to map, plan as well as manage business processes through drag & drop and automation features. Nintex also offers no-code development tools which allow both developers as well as non-developers to practice the application development with custom functionality, workflow, and capacity. 

Nintex is generally used for marketing, human resources, customer service, information technology, operation & procurement, and process excellence.

The platform has enabled innumerable businesses across the world.

Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a platform you can use to create fully customizable apps for your business without writing any code. You can download your app onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Jotform has tons of templates that will help you to get started on your app and customize it to your taste. You can add forms, widgets, and branding to your app. Once you are done, you can share your app via a link, email, or QR code. Collaborate with your teammates to see the changes that they make to your app and work together to make it beautiful.


The second non-code development platform on our list is ‘gappsy’. It is a great platform if you want to develop your app quickly. With the help of gappsy, you can create an app in 60 minutes. The platform offers design customisation options along with advanced drag and drop app builder features. Apart from this the users also get the benefit of various other features as well such as managing appointments, creating agendas, and content app control access. The platform also offers various monetisation features as well like M-commerce to sell online, ad mob wherein you can monetise your app through ads, QR coupons, and much more. 

This platform is one of the fastest and most easy-to-use platforms on this list.

Appy pie

Another platform on our list is ‘appy pie’. The platform provides no-code support to chatbox builders and application developers. The top offerings of the platform are as follows:

  • appy pie live chat
  • Appy pie app maker
  • Appy pie chatbox
  • Appy pie website builder
  • Appy pie design

These bots and apps are custom built and light. Appy pie is one of the most popular no-code development platforms.


Salesforce is another great platform for no-code development. The platform is known for its simpler and faster CRM. The platform also recently launched various low code features as well. Dynamic actions and dynamic forms features of salesforce enables the users to build attractive forms. 


The final platform on our list is ‘airtable’. According to the platform it has enabled more than 200,000 enterprises to build applications. The platform helps in modernising the workflows and giving better business outcomes. Besides that, airtable also gives more than 50 customised mobile apps to enhance the no-code experience of the user. 

These were our list of top 5 no-code development platforms in 2021. However, there are various other alternative platforms as well like AppSheet, knack, Xpoda, jotform table, zudy vinyl, bubble outgrow, Ninox, and so on.

Benefits of no-code development platforms in 2021

There are several key benefits associated with such platforms. Some of the key benefits are given below:

  • Startups or small businesses can enhance software development quickly with the help of no-code development platforms.
  • The coding tools provided by these platforms helps the employees to become the ‘citizen developers’ in their organisation.
  • You can go for simple templates provided by these platforms for libraries, workflow as well as customisation to build a no-code platform anywhere and anytime they want.
  • Developers, as well as non-developers, can work together to develop applications quickly. These applications can be customised for several functionalities such as HR, sales, finance and marketing. 
  • You can integrate the software packs with the web services, databases as well as APIs without losing any data.

Final verdict

The biggest reason why companies are drifting to the no-code development software platforms is the ‘digital transformation’ in the IT industry. The no-code development platforms are expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Another reason for the drift to the no-code development platforms is data management and data security. With the help of no-code companies are able to secure their IT assets and data efficiently.

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