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Top 5 Most Popular Web Browsers this 2019

Today, a lot of web browsers are available for different OS and it’s hard to keep track of their performances and compare each of them. But what are the most popular web browsers that most internet users use nowadays?

So, we all know that web browsers play a very important role on the internet and lot of us rely on it. In today’s era, people make a living, connect with important persons, or avail products through the internet. But, sometimes, the internet browser just messes everything up.

We’ve all been there! That moment when you need to do something very important and your web browser starts lagging? You’re not alone. That’s when you start wondering if you have a choice. Well, of course, you do.

There are a lot of web browsers to choose from but it’s hard to decide which one won’t fail you. So, why don’t you rely on the most popular web browsers used by internet users instead? Here’s the list of the most popular web browsers this 2019. Let’s see if any of these would be your next buddy.

Google Chrome

It was 2012 when Chrome became very popular and started to defeat other web browsers. That’s not too long after its release date in 2008. It has gained more popularity over the years up until now.

Because of the simplicity of its UI, Chrome is faster when opening its window and to navigate through different website pages compared to other browsers.

Google Chrome has been continuously upgrading and would always have something to bring on the table. Plus, most developers create web browser extensions that are compatible mostly with Chrome.

Aside from being the most popular web browser, it’s also the best browser for Android users. Also, when you log-in to your Google account using Chrome, you can access your bookmarks, saved accounts, history and more from different devices.

Chrome has it all when you are a Google user. Yet, it has a bigger app size compared to other web browsers.


If Google has a web browser, then, Apple has one too. And, if Windows has Internet Explorer, then Apple products including MacBook and iPad have Safari.

So, why is this one of the most popular web browsers? Surprisingly, it has gained the top 2 spots of the usage share of all browsers in 2018.

This is because most Mac or iPhone users don’t want to install an additional app and prefer to use what’s already included in their OS. Plus, there’s nothing really to complain about Safari. It’s simple with an easy-to-use UI. Most importantly, it does what it’s supposed to do.

Another thing, JetStream rated Safari as the world’s fastest web browser. This is backed with other browser benchmarks which were tested by Macworld.

The only drawback about this web browser is that it doesn’t release new updates for Windows anymore. It’s now slowly becoming exclusive for Apple products only which is fair because it could be part of their marketing plan too.

Mozilla Firefox

Before Chrome became available to internet users, we all know that Firefox was the leading web browser, although, it didn’t gain much popularity as Chrome did. Still, it’s one of the most popular web browsers next to Chrome and Safari.

Firefox lost a large number of its users this past half decade. This became a big challenge as a competition. Now, they are slowly gaining users again but not so impressive after their attempt to rebrand by changing Mozilla’s logo. Plus, their motto now is ‘Internet for people, not profit’. Anyone could see who’s that meant for.

UC Browser

Who would have thought that UC Browser is actually one of the most popular web browsers next to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox? That’s right. UC browser is the fourth with a highest net market share of all web browsers.

UC Browser is developed by a Chinese company called UCWeb, Inc. and most of their products are related to mobile. That is actually the reason why UC Browser gained its spot in the most used web browsers.

The desktop version of this web browser isn’t popular, but a lot of mobile users are relying on its mobile version even though it’s not even included on their OS. Sounds familiar, right?

That was also the scenario when Chrome was starting to boom. Therefore, the desktop version of this web browser is definitely to watch out for. And, oh, by the way, UCWeb is owned by Alibaba Group. Looks like the competition might heat up soon.


Speaking of Chinese products, another Chinese-owned company developed a web browser and has gained a spot to our most popular web browsers. It’s Opera Ltd. Unlike other web browsers, Opera is versatile as it supports different OS including Linux.

Opera is popular because of its security tools. Those who opt to this browser really know what they are into. Plus, Opera has a free VPN service which is definitely a thing today because a lot of websites are full of malware and phishing schemes nowadays.

Want to hear something new? Opera is the first web browser to have built-in cryptocurrency wallet. This was released on December 2018. Indeed, the world of internet is becoming more revolutionary.


This year will have a lot of good things to offer to internet users. Each of the web browsers listed in this article have roadmaps and promises to be implemented this year. Therefore, be sure to watch out for their updates.

This list is generally for web browsers for both PC and mobile devices including tablet and smartphones. If you are looking for the fastest web browsers for Android, here’s a good article to guide you.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first web browser was released on 1991 and it’s called WorldWideWeb? It’s funny that it has the same name to what we call The Web or World Wide Web that contains the collection of documents and other information on the internet. It was later renamed to Nexus to avoid confusion between the two.

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