Top 5 mobile games for Android and iOS users

If you are on a long trip and you don’t have any of your friends with you then it might be difficult to pass the time. But with your phone, you can pass all that time without knowing, some like watching movies and some likes listening to music. But there is one thing which everyone likes is games, it doesn’t matter if you are a college guy or CEO of your company. Here we have five best games for your smartphone which are a great time buster and won’t let you get bored on your trip.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry Wars is the most downloaded games of its time on Android and iOS. It has a very simple yet addictive gameplay and you don’t need to be connected to the internet to play this. The third version contains all the greatness of the original Geometry Wars, only it has been taken to a new level of graphics and gameplay. It has over 100 levels and 12 battle modes including Pacifism, King and Claustrophobia. Download this game on your smartphone and spend you time shooting in arcade mode.

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It is a game from well-known game developers, Blizzard Entertainment for people who like card games. It is a strategy game based on cards and is a turn based game which could be played against CPU or real players to show your glory. It is not like those confusing card games which ask for money to win, you can play with your own strategy and with from real players. It also has a campaign mode so you can learn all the basics and train for the real battle.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Are you an open world survival fan? Say no more, Mojang has the right game for you to kill your time. Minecraft has a pocket edition to play it on your smartphones and get the same feel which you get on the desktop. It also has story mode which you can play without starting from the scrap after getting killed again and again. The pocket edition of Minecraft didn’t have all the resources which you saw on desktop edition but still, this game is fun and kill your time.

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GTA San Andreas

One game to rule them all, GTA San Andreas is an open world game came to the smartphone from the consoles and desktop. The whole game is same as the desktop, so if you want to play this game again and feel all those missions with “Sweet” and “Big Smoke” then this is your time. It comes with a story mode which you can abandon anytime in the game to have lots of fun killing people and ramming them with your vehicle or exploring the vehicles with your bazooka. Whatever you do, do it only in the game.

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Betting Top 10

Technically it is not a game but it can be if you are intelligent enough. This is a sports betting site for your smartphone which lets you bet on your favorite team and let you win real money. How about killing your free time and making lots of money at the same time, it’s like icing on the cake.


These games are handpicked by us for you so you can really pass your time and never feel bored on your way to your destination. Some of the games are paid but do not worry about it because these games worth every single penny which you going to spend on them. At last, enjoy the games and happy gaming.


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