Ranking at top of the SERPs in Google result is a dream of every webmaster and to achieve that is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of things even before getting started so, in this article, we are listing the top 5 points you should keep in mind to become eligible for ranking top in Google listings.

Mobile Indexing

The whole idea of mobile indexing isn’t really new. Google began to account for that starting in 2016 when the number of mobile users was hovering around 680 million marks. In 2019, when Google announced that Mobile-First Indexing would be the basis for ranking, the number of users had crossed 810 million. In 2020, mobile indexing is more important than you think. Since July 2019, every new website has been crawled by a Google smartphone bot, and its mobile-friendly content has been used to index almost everything that’s important. Mobile searches result in immediate actions compared to desktops. The number of mobile users for shopping has crossed 49%. In 2020, creating quality mobile-first websites has never been more critical. Another small tip: Use accelerated mobile pages for a more significant push.

Page Speed

Page speed has always been a concern for developers and owners alike. It’s still essential in 2020, and even more so given Google’s recent affinity for mobile indexing. Two seconds, that’s your limit for a good loading time; many users tend to exit beyond the four to the six-second mark. Go beyond that, and you will start to lose a serious amount of eyeballs. Granted, in smaller countries with poor connectivity, internet speeds can be prohibitive, but even then ensuring a quicker load time will greatly benefit you and your business. Using GZIP compression, caches and saving your CSS files and scripts externally should be the norm now.


Backlink Authority

While backlinking has always been a significant part of Google ranking, even more so in recent times, there is now a need to start to become a little discerning. In the debate about which works better, quality vs quantity, quality almost always wins. This is also the case when it comes to backlinks. Two backlinks with a high domain authority (70+) will still serve you better than six backlinks with varied domain authority. There’s nothing wrong with putting up a backlink that has a low DA but has quality content. But do remember not to count that as an essential backlink in terms of ranking. The content will matter to the user, but to you, the domain authority should be the final, and possibly only, determining factor. Quality backlinks will always matter.

Search Intent

Semantic searches look at the keyword and the intent behind it. Maybe that keyword is something a reader needs to look up, perhaps it’s meant to induce a purchase. Google now also looks beyond the keyword at the intent behind it and uses that intent to help you rank. For instance, “Different types of cycles” will have a better intent that “Best cycles to buy”, the former has information that will help you differentiate between the product you need over the latter’s intent to give you the best cycles in the market without looking at your specific needs. In basic terms, a guide to different products will rank substantially higher than a listicle of the best brands/products around.

Quality content

When you start looking at search intent, quality content generation becomes essential. Instead of creating multiple pages with similar content, a single comprehensive page with multiple keywords may help you much better. Title tags are as important today as they were five years ago. Granted tags may have fallen down the list of important ranking factors, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t an integral part of quality content output. Do keep this in mind, quality content doesn’t have to be fresh content. Nothing says that you cannot revisit your old content and tweak it to today’s search intent and semantic data standards. In fact, that might even give you a moderately bigger boost. Use Google searches to determine what users are looking for and start creating or tweaking content based on that. Blogger outreach services are also a good option for interesting content.

As voice and image searches get even more common, the ranking signals start to veer towards that demand. 2021 is going to be a much more challenging year than the ones before. But a few things remain the same, mobile-first websites, page speed and the ability to create quality readable content will always stand out when it concerns Google ranking.