Top 5 Earthquake monitoring apps for Android and iOS smartphones

Earthquakes are experienced in various parts of the world. The most recent incident took place 13 kilometers southeast of Bawal region in Haryana with a low-intensity measure of 4.2 on the Richter scale. Tremors were felt in various parts of north India including Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon. This natural disaster lasted for less than a minute without causing any hefty property damage.

With the continuous advent of technology, Android/iOS has given us a bundle of apps that are capable of monitoring the seismic activities around the globe and communicates the app users about the disaster well in advance. These apps are wonderful at their job of predicting earthquakes and tsunami. Let us have an in-depth understanding on each Earthquake monitoring app.

Earthquake Alert! :


This app is the most widely used reliable Earthquake detection app. Through this app users can easily identify all the earthquakes with 4.5 + magnitude that are likely to take place across the world. The app is very user-friendly to operate and easy to understand. There are options for map and list view. The map view depicts the actual location where the earthquake would take place and even highlights the areas where its tremors would be felt.

The app has the updates of all the latest earthquakes that have taken place recently. The map feature even shows the magnitude of quakes. Users can set a notification, which notifies about the mishaps that are about to happen. Once a notification pops and indicates about an upcoming quake, you can directly share the information with friends and family by posting it on various social networking platforms. All the precautions that are to be taken during a quake are also listed. This free app is a must have to keep ourselves prepared well in advance of any quake that is about to take place.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

Earthquake Alerter Free:

This app is the companion application of the above-mentioned app. The apps’ main aim is to bullet notifications and alerts of earthquakes worldwide. Users can set alert filters depending upon the requirement. Filters including duration, area, magnitude, depth, etc. can be set. Rest task the app would do.

The app would release adequate results if it matches the filters set by the user. Through this, you can monitor the Earthquake happenings across the globe very easily. You can set filters for Earthquakes happenings around you or across the Globe, it’s entirely your choice. The app uses Google’s GCM technology to push notifications instantly. Both Earthquake Alert! and Earthquake Alerter Free app works seamlessly with each other to provide the desired information within no time.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

Disaster Alert:

Earthquake is a natural disaster which no one can ever stop. But yes, we have this wonderful Disaster Alert app which works statistically to make users aware of any disaster that is about to occur. The app has an interactive self-explanatory map that highlights the earthquake prone areas. The app users can easily browse the information about the latest disasters that have occurred in recent times. Not only earthquakes, all kinds of disasters including Tsunami, Volcanic eruptions, Hurricane, Flood, etc. are also highlighted and reported well in advance.

This all-rounder app provides quick updates about most of the active hazards. We can search for a particular location and select a background map accordingly. After location selection, users need to set notification reminders and select an apt time zone. Once it’s done, users shall receive constant hazard updates in every five minutes. This shows that the app performs its job of updating the users perfectly. This app is best for those who stay and work in areas that are prone to natural hazards. So folks, what are you waiting for download this app and keep yourself updated about all the natural hazards that are about to happen in your area.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

Latest Quakes:

Another Earthquake monitoring app that you would love to have on your smartphone. All the latest quakes that have place in the past 7 days are updated in the app. The users can study the past trends of earthquakes that have taken place in their area. The details can be studied and reviewed in map as well as list view. There are appropriate search filters like date, place, magnitude and distance which will screen your research. All the information relating to a particular quake is present in the app- from place to duration, magnitude to depth and many minute details are listed here. You just name it, they have it all. Even the shaking intensity of all the major earthquakes that have taken placed so far are also flashed in the app. Through this amazing app we can not only track information about the upcoming quakes but even update our friends and family about it by posting the information on social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

EarthQuake App:

Another app detecting Earthquake activity across the Globe. Through the app users can track the latest Earthquake information. All the quakes of US with 0.1+ magnitude and 4.5+ magnitude of quakes worldwide are listed here including full information. The information about the quake includes all the desired bits of information. There are various screen filters that help you search for the most adequate information in no time. Color coded map highlights the different areas depicting the research. Each color carries a meaning in terms of the magnitude of the quake.

  • 5 <= M — Red
  • 5 <= M — Yellow
  • 5 <= M — Purple
  • 5 <= M — Blue
  • 5 > M – Green

Red area highlights the most affected area. The information about the distance between the earthquake area and the user location is also estimated and flashed. Through this info user can ensure his safety and vacate the area if there is any major threat. Like many other apps, this app too allows sharing any mishap information with relatives through social media platform.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS


All the above-mentioned apps shares the data from United States Geological Survey (USGS). Thereby making all the posted information authentic. USGS is a US government organization that imparts information on various natural aspects of Globe, Natural Hazards being one of them. So we can rely on the data shared by these apps. Talking about the contemporary time, it is important for us to be proactive rather than reactive. These apps would intimate us about the earthquake disaster quiet well in advance so that we can be prepared to cope with the adverse effect of the same. I hope you will find the above apps worthy enough to download and use.