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Top 5 Crypto & NFT platforms in India that you cannot be missing out on!

Cryptocurrency and NFTs have taken the world by storm creating digital assets like never before. Although the current crypto market isn’t painted all green, there is no denying that digital currencies are the future and we will soon be getting to see many more reformations in this sector. Giving you an insight into some of the most unique and amazing crypto platforms, we have prepared a list of the top 5 platforms in India that can help you start investing in cryptos and NFTs.

An easier way to buy crypto | eToro Crypto Trading Platform 

Known to be the best crypto app for beginners to experts, eToro provides a comprehensive crypto trading experience with a user-friendly platform available for both android and iOS. The platform offers a wide range of investments and trading options including large-cap, smaller coins, and much more available to buy and sell on a 24/7 basis. eToro has the most competitive fees amongst all and allows you to make deposits in fiat, via bank transfer, debit/credit cards, and Paypal. It also lets you passively invest in diverse portfolios thus improving your investment options and having them professionally managed by their team.

My Freedom Coin (MFC)

Giving you the freedom from running into multiple platforms, just like their names suggest, My Freedom Coin is an interesting application that is a wallet, an exchange and a bank, all designed together in one platform. This smart platform is built to protect its users from volatile prices and market conditions like the one we are facing right now allowing you to go ahead with a risk-free investment. MFC uses The Binance USD, (BUSD) a 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance. The funds inside the BUSD Treasury are generated from all Coin Offerings, ensuring that the price of MFC has a ‘Floor’ that it will never sink beneath. This comes as a huge relief for users who are looking to invest in crypto but also want to make sure it is safe and risk-free.


Allowing you to enjoy your life and indulge in purchases that make you happy without having any guilt, GoStats is a unique platform that rewards you with bitcoins on every purchase through the GoStats card. It is India’s first Bitcoin Rewards company that enables a low-friction way to accumulate Bitcoin when people shop from over 250 brands listed on the platform, including Flipkart, Nykaa, Swiggy, BigBasket and Myntra. Therefore, helping consumers become passive investors by earning the most appreciating asset of the past decade.


Open Sea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace with over 80 million NFTs for investors to purchase. Being a beginner-friendly app, OpenSea offers a simple interface so investors can track and follow NFT creators from across the globe. Users can also create an NFT ‘wishlist’ to keep tabs on intriguing assets. The platform supports over 150 cryptos for payment, with the only fee being a 2.5% charge to the NFT seller. Once you complete the purchase, OpenSea lets you choose between 14 different wallet providers to store it with.

Binance NFT | Marketplace for NFTs and Mystery Boxes

Being one of the best crypto exchanges globally, Binance NFT entered the NFT market in 2021 by launching the Binance NFT Marketplace, offering a way for users to buy and sell NFTs easily. The app offers colossal asset selection and massive daily trading volume with NFTs hosted on both the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum – with only a 1% transaction fee to make a purchase. It includes NFTs related to art, sports, entertainment, gaming, and more along with a unique ‘Mystery Box’ giving users a random mix of NFTs. Binance is by far the most seamless platform as it allows users to buy NFTs with a credit or debit card or crypto payments, so you are able to buy the digital currency through the Binance exchange.

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