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Top 5 card gaming apps to play on the phone

Nowadays, people get busy with their work and daily routine process. But sometimes when they get some free time, they spend that precious time with their family and friends and so on. Even then if they have some time, they use to play games on their phones. Every person has their liking to a specific genre of games. And one of the genres in that smartphone game is card games. This genre of games is fascinating and is a fantastic form of entertainment. A player can use these games at his best as these games work anywhere and anytime. They are tiny enough to fit into a bag because these games travel with you as long as your smartphone stays with you.

This entertaining genre is further divided into three main varieties like the classic card games where poker, solitaire, etc. are included, complex card games like hearthstone are present, and finally, party card games are present where you can play live casino as well. So in the below list, we have picked the top 5 games considering all the varieties.


This is not the name of a specific card game, but a developer on Google play. They make many games in this genre. These games aren’t complicated, nor they look that easy. But these games are rock solid. Some of the games of this developer include solitaire, hearts, etc. These games do not take much space in your phone storage, but they are just awesome. There are two types in these games: free and paid versions. If you are comfortable with advertisements, then free versions are recommended. Otherwise, paid versions to remove these ads and do not interrupt your gaming experience. You can download these games from the Google Play Store.


It is also one of the popular card gaming apps in the Google play store. This game is a look-alike of one famous game, hearthstone and many of the same gameplay and mechanics are also seen in this game. The player will be collecting cards based on a clash of clan universe characters, and the main aim is to use them for a duel with the opponent players.

It has the best gaming communities that you can find these days. It also has an exciting feature. A player can join a clan and share his cards with the members of the group. This game is free of cost.


It is one of the most popular games present in the list from the late 1990s and 2000s. Those who had a PC in these times surely remember this game which was a time killer at that time. But, the mobile version is a new version of the old game. This version has the original solitaire along with four other variants which include Freecell, Tripeaks, Spider, and Pyramid. The real specialty of this refreshed version has daily challenges, Xbox daily achievements, and cross-platform support with windows 10. it also has the same victory animation as of the old version game reminding the good early days. The only problem that players face is annoying advertisements.


This particular game is very much different from other pokemon games. Routine pokemon games have gameplay that tells the players to collect actual monsters and battle them out. But, this one is a real card game where players collect cards, create decks and take on one another in battles. There is a special mode called the PvP mode where friends can battle each other and can even trade cards with other players. Most people like this game because of the animations are shown and the gameplay involved. It is free of cost, and everybody can experience the game.


It is one of the online poker games for Android and is considered a better game from other online poker games. The gameplay gives us a real table experience. Players log in to join tournaments and games where you can either win or lose. The total game is free of cost. You can get chips for free, which makes it unique from other poker games.

So, these are some of the recommendations for the best card games that can be played on your phone and can surely kill your free time if you are interested.

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