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Top 5 calming apps to help you beat stress

No matter what anyone says, calming down after stress can be quite tricky. Everyone wants to control their stress levels. Managing stress is a skill that anybody can develop and master, provided they get the help they need.

Different people have varying ways of dealing with stress. Some of them include exercising, and learning relaxation methods like meditation, getting more sleep, among others.

Others beat stress by playing online casino games. If you ever find yourself in such a situation and want to calm yourself, do it at sites with self-exclusion features like Nordicslots.

While the best option is seeking professional help, technology can also come in handy. There is almost instant help when we panic or get stressed. Just by typing “stress” on Google or apple play store, one is already halfway to getting relief.

From the play store, users can get several apps that can help. Below are the top 5 calming apps to help you beat stress.

1. Happify

Through its games, Happify claims to reduce stress at the same time, increasing happiness. Once in the app, Happify embarks on a form of diagnosis. The app prompts the user with some questions to determine the best way to alleviate stress.

Depending on a person’s responses to the questions, Happify then determines the type of “track” a user should take. This can range from reducing stress or minimizing negative thoughts. The app then assigns a series of activities and quizzes, geared towards helping attain the goal.

2. Headspace

This app mainly focuses on meditation as a way to assist in calming the mind. In other words, if a person requires meditation techniques but in the dark as to how to proceed, Headspace is there to help. Some of the features of the app include “mindful moments’ and meditation drills for a swift reset.

3. Pacifica

This app comes with high ratings. In 2017, Apple ranked it as one of the best apps in mental health. What an endorsement? Pacifica also boasts of extremely appealing layout design with the blue interface, which is easy to use.

In terms of stress alleviation, the app is well equipped. The app has a space to monitor an individual’s health, mood, and habits. The app also offers some mindfulness drills and relaxation practices that are tailor-made to a user’s needs.

Pacifica also helps a user in situations of panic attacks, stress at the workplace, or even if the individual is anxious as a result of being stuck in an elevator. If a user finds themselves in either of these scenarios, they can launch one of the curating audio exercises needed.

4. What’s Up

Do not confuse this app with social application WhatsApp. They are different. This app uses elements like acceptance committed treatment, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address mental needs. The app also helps its users to effectively cope with issues like anger, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Some of its unique features include a dairy scale that helps put mental issues into perspective. The app also serves as a user with funny and positive quotes to keep the mood positive throughout the day.

5. Personal Zen

This app has a series of games centered on clinical discoveries. Most of these findings focus on ways to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The app then gives its users remedies that focus on facts.


With proper mental health, living a stress-free life is possible. However, if you feel like the journey is getting too much, don’t fail to call a mental health profession. In other words, don’t suffer from stress in silence.

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