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Top 5 best apps to promote Senior Mental Health

Modern-day technology, specifically apps, offers a variety of outstanding benefits for people of all ages. Apps not only provide entertainment, but they also offer ways to make everyday life easier and more efficient. There are thousands of apps on the market right now, all with their own benefits and purpose. However, some of the most beneficial apps are those that promote mental health. If you feel that you or a loved one would benefit from extra mental health support, reach out to BetterHelp’s licensed mental health professionals today.

Apps that promote mental health are relevant for people of all ages, however, they are arguably the most beneficial for seniors. An expert from an in-home senior care company pointed out that seniors that use mind-stimulating apps seem to have improved mental health and memory.

All seniors should invest their time in using these apps in order to promote their mental health. Most mental health apps are easy to use and understand, another added benefit for seniors that may not be technologically savvy. Below are some of the best apps that will best stimulate the minds of seniors.

The Best Apps to Stimulate the Minds of Seniors

As seniors lose the ability to move around and spend their time in ways that they used to enjoy, they are turning to the use of technology as a means of entertainment. This entertaining technology can be used to their advantage by stimulating their minds in order to improve their mental health. Here are the top 5 apps that are guaranteed to stimulate the minds of seniors.

1. Elevate

This app focuses on improving cognitive skills that not only boost mental capacity and productivity but also self-confidence. Keeping a keen mind is important for seniors, however, it’s also important that seniors keep positive self-confidence in their later years. It’s common for seniors to develop poor self-confidence as they age due to the loss of physical ability, and sometimes even loss of loved ones and companions. This app combats those negative emotions with the use of games.

These games train the mind using text and goals. Focusing on the goals, this app uses text to stimulate the mind rather than colors and images like many other senior-oriented apps. In the text are positive messages. This app also provides daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.

2. Luminosity

This app focuses on colors and images in order to improve cognitive functions. Luminosity uses minigames that promote memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. This app provides progress reports that the user is able to compare to other users using this app.

Luminosity is great for all ages but the majority of the users are seniors that want to keep their mind sharp as they age.

3. Buddhify

Buddhify promotes mindfulness and mental wellness for people of all ages but can be especially beneficial for seniors. Buddhify focus on meditation and positivity which can be beneficial for seniors that feel emotions of anxiety, depression, and even stress. Seniors may feel these emotions as they age due to the stressors of getting older and apps such as Buddhify will combat these negative emotions with quick mediations and positive mind prompts all while stimulating the mind.

This app is easy to use and can be extremely engaging as long as a senior makes the time for it.

4. Fit Brains

This app is described to target emotional intelligence. Using minigames and personalized training programs, this app boosts cognitive functions that include concentration, memory, and problem-solving. After each entertaining game, seniors can compare their results with other users, acting as an incentive for seniors to get good at each game.

Fit Brains will stimulate the minds of seniors in a fun yet efficient way.

5. Brain Yoga

Featuring eleven puzzles and games that will train memory, vocabulary, pattern matching, and much more, this app will reduce your stress while also improving cognitive functions. This app is great for people of all ages but can be beneficial for seniors because it’s easy to use and navigate.

Brain Yoga is relaxing and stress-free, making it a great app for seniors that want to stimulate their mind in a simple and peaceful way.

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