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Top 3 Tips for an Effective Link Building Campaign

If you’re a digital entrepreneur looking to increase organic traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking, link building is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. If you’re a digital marketing agency, you probably already know the value of white-hat backlinks in helping your clients achieve their business goals.

In either scenario, running a successful link-building campaign is a skillful task that requires deep knowledge, connections with leading high-authority websites and a dedicated team to design and execute the project. To make the most out of your buck, here are 3 pro tips you must use when creating a link-building campaign.

Write superlative content

The key to a sustainable link-building plan that delivers long-term results is to write high-quality content that’s informative and engaging. Dishing out poor, keyword-stuffed content will both undermine the credibility of your brand and cause search engines to penalize your site for spam.

Rich content that entertains, informs, answers a question or solves a problem is considered the foundation stone of any successful backlinking strategy. The right way to go about this is to have a comprehensive content marketing strategy in place, which should answer key questions such as the content format, topics you should write about, article length and headlines, publishing schedule and call to action (that is, the action you want your reader to take upon reading an article or seeing a post or watching a video).

Publish your content at the right places

Armed with several pieces of great content, your next task is to reach out to industry influencers and high-traffic sites in your niche that appeal to your target customers. This is a time-consuming process requiring dedicated and consistent effort, as you must first identify relevant websites, contact site owners/editors and convince each one for a fruitful collaboration.

Whether you’re a business or a digital agency, consider outsourcing this humongous task to a trusted link building service. Entrusting the responsibility to an agency such as Outreach Monks that specializes in link building will save you time, money and frustration, as a reputable agency will have a large pool of high-authority websites in their network. This means you can simply sit back, state your requirements, and let them do the drudge work that goes into building an effective link-building campaign from scratch.

Focus on quality, not quantity

When trying to get backlinks to your business website, remember that quality is any day better than quantity. According to the SEO experts at Outreachmonks.com, successful link building is based on gaining white-hat SEO backlinks from niche influential sites. If done right, it can drastically improve your search rankings, boost your online visibility, and generate legit leads for your business.

For real results, you want links coming from well-regarded sites rather than “here today, gone tomorrow” type of small-time websites with spammy content and zero credibility. A single mention on a high-authority site is better than having ten on c-grade blogs. So focus on creating a quality backlink profile that will serve as a worthy return on your investment.

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