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Top 15 Mobile Apps That Will Simplify Your Life

We can’t imagine our lives today without smartphones. And no wonder: we can download so many useful applications that will both entertain us and help us connect with friends and colleagues. In addition to the classic Instagram, Spotify, Uber, and Seamless, there are dozens of other really worthwhile apps that can be useful to you. Among them are navigators, bucket lists apps, smart home apps, etc. 

Here are mobile apps that help increase your productivity and simplify your life.


iOS and Android

This app is perfect for photographers looking to improve their skills. You have access to advanced features to help with focusing and lighting while you’re shooting. You can make real-time adjustments, zoom in on objects by moving your finger, and ultimately improve the quality of your edited photos.

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries

iOS and Android

Without being tied to the Internet, ABBYY Lingvo can help you while traveling, at work, or studying, allowing you to get a reliable translation or a comprehensive interpretation at any time. The options for entering words can be different: one-touch translation of words using the smartphone video camera, translation of words from a photo or screenshot, as well as the traditional method of entering a word using the keyboard. Eleven dictionaries for 7 languages are available for free download from the app.


iOS and Android

This app is designed to help you learn words in English, and you can do it offline as well. From the 26 thematic blocks, you can choose exactly those topics that are interesting and relevant to you right now. Also, Words is a complete list of irregular and phrasal verbs. If you have trouble remembering a word, take a test and the program will give you suggestions for making it easier to memorize.


iOS and Android

GoodLook – a mobile style guide, which gives recommendations about the choice of clothing and a combination of things. Every day professional stylists in the U.S. offer a set of women’s and men’s fashion images.

Remote Mouse

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Use this app to turn your phone into a remote control for your computer. It’s especially useful when you need to make a presentation or watch a movie, but your mouse or keyboard is exhausted.



This app “cures” smartphone addiction. It blocks the apps you choose for a certain amount of time. That way you can focus on your business without the distraction of your phone.


iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Today Moovit is one of the best transportation apps in the world. It is trusted by more than 30 million users in more than 800 cities. The program provides the most reliable and accurate information about the operation of public transport, adding to its database by city every 24 hours. Since public transportation is always unpredictable, Moovit constantly updates schedules or changes in transportation.



This handy reader is interesting because, besides the fact that you can choose the background color, font, there is a function of intelligent book processing. It allows you to learn more about the author, the characters, the history of the book. A separate window contains the contents of the book, bookmarks, selections, and a dictionary. Books can be sorted by title, author, series, and serial number of the book in a series, by the date the book was added, and by the time the book was last opened.

Cool Reader


As for Android readers, one of the most convenient is Cool Reader. This program supports formats such as fb2, epub (without DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (without DRM), pml. Here it is possible to adjust fonts, colors, line spacing, indents, hyphens, adjust the brightness of the backlighting of the screen. Also handy is the presence of the title, table of contents, and text search option.


iOS and Android

Instagram’s newest app lets you create fun and unique collages and share them with your friends. The creative freedom is endless with filters and other tools. And using the built-in “Photo Booth” feature, you can take photos on the spot and immediately view different collages from them.

Clap! Phone Finder


When we can’t find our smartphone that’s hidden somewhere, this app can save us. We just need to clap and then the detector automatically activates, the sound of which can be selected, as well as the volume level. It only consumes 2% of the battery.


iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

This professional social network allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest news of the field you’re involved in, as well as helping with job searches and useful networking.

5K Run

iOS and Android

This app is designed for beginners who want to get in good shape by jogging. The ultimate goal is to run some miles. The proposed program involves workouts that run for 8 weeks, 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Running on them alternates with walking, but gradually the time devoted to the latter is reduced.

A built-in player is handy. And another interesting aspect is the prize system, which enhances the motivation to exercise.


iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

With this program, you search for and recognize the music that is currently playing around you. All you have to do is tap the button to instantly identify the song and view its lyrics. And if a certain tune is stuck in your head, you can sing it and the app will instantly give you the results.

MyScript Calculator

iOS and Android

This calculator is quite unusual: by writing a mathematical expression on your smartphone screen, you will see that the application itself has converted the numbers and mathematical signs into a digital format and counted the result in real-time.

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