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Top 15 best apps to improve your mental health

The ‘stigma’ that has continued to be the main reason why an individual does not seek the mental health care they need is becoming obsolete. As the internet paves the way for people to feel more comfortable seeking help, online websites and applications are providing to be the vessel that so many need to help them to improve their emotional,  psychological, mental and physical well-being.

As we delved into the circuit of self-help and therapy-related platforms like BetterHelp, we discovered that there are many you should consider, but the following 15 stood out as the current best rated and most popularly used in 2019.

We performed extensive research and hand-picked these top 15 mental health apps that can be downloaded and utilized on all types of devices and computers. You do not have to DIY your own mental health anymore – all you need is a link and active access to the Internet and the pure will to get the help and learn the most to help you improve your mental health and well-being.

#1 Mind Shift (iOS and Android)

Mind Shift is an application geared towards young teens and youth. It targets young adults’ and is aimed to help them cope mainly with anxiety issues. Anxiety is a culprit that attacks people of all ages and genres, however, today’s youth has experienced an excessive increase in mental health ordeals that are specifically caused by anxiety and the feeling associated with fears, change, hormonal emotions, grief, and even avoiding various issues with addiction. Mindshift encourages you to deal with struggles and to face them as best as possible through affirmations, tons of articles and by supplying a myriad of resources that are readily available to get anyone through even the toughest mental health struggles.

#2 IMoodJournal (IOS and Android)

This is a self-help application that enables you to track your moods and also proves as a means to journal everything. From little symptoms to big ones, tracking and recording everything can help you understand that everything is in good process. As you chart things you can understand the cycles of your moods, behaviors and also get a better grasp on your progress as well as the factors that influence your certain moods, stress triggers, and struggles.

#3 Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM)

If you are a DIY type of person and want to absorb and educate yourself on things that can optimize your well-being, then SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) is ideal for you! With SAM you attain 24/7 access to a tool-kit that enables you to record and journal your behavior, anxious thought-patterns, and unruly emotions. You will garner access to a 25 step program of techniques that teach you to adapt and overcome all types of anxieties. In addition, SAM provides the user with a cloud feature that encourages you to communicate, connect, and interact with other users of the SAM community who can relate and that want to connect and share their own experiences with you, confidentially.

#4 Talk Space

TalkSpace is one of the most popular apps on the web that individuals of all walks of life and circumstances use to acquire therapy and counseling services for all genres of mental health issues.  This is especially beneficial for those who want therapy, but who are fearful of the certain taboos and stigmas that in-office therapy visits bring. It also circumvents the high-cost and ultimate inconvenience of getting therapy from a local therapist in your region. Talkspace can be accessed freely – but also only a mere $25 per week can connect you with a licensed, trained professional. You can meet as often as you need through direct messages, chat, video chat, and phone. TalkSpace targets factors of mental health including relationships, depression, PTSD, grief, and addiction.

#5 Recovery Record

Eating disorders are very common in today’s society. Where social media and bullying is accepted – many more men and women are profoundly suffering from eating disorders which include: bulimia, anorexia, and overeating. For those who want to adapt to eating healthy and learning to accept a healthy image of their body, Recovery Record is of exceptional assistance. This app boasts a myriad of features that allow you to track your meals, take questionnaires, and that records your progress- whether it is to gain weight, maintain weight, or to track negative behaviors that make you feel powerless when it comes to nutrition AND food.

#6 Rise Up and Recover

Rise and Recover is another application available for IOS and Android devices that enables you to track what you eat and what foods you may consume. Although, targeted for individuals suffering from eating disorders this app can also help people to stay on track with their weight loss goals. You can journal and write down what foods you eat as well as how you feel when you are eating. The best feature of Rising and Recover is that it boasts the feature that allows you to print everything out in a PDF.

#6 Happify

Happify is an app that performs exactly as it is named. It can Happify you by providing you with many things such as doing its suggestive activities, giving gratitude, engaging in fun games with others and training you to think more, live better, to be more positive in your daily rituals, and to fight all of the negativity that surrounds us in life these days. This app is completely FREE and is available for download on Android and IOS devices.

#7 LifeSum

The key to a healthy mental state often relies on that of a physical state. LifeSum is an application that is focused around helping dieters struggling with losing weight to finding the encouragement and information they need to continue on a good path to losing weight and becoming physically well. This app is everything and then some as it can perform all sorts of tasks such as: allowing you to track your intake of calories, calories burned, and even more that helps you organize a food diary of sorts. This app is free and can be downloaded by any Android or IOS device through iTunes and Google Play store.

#8 PTSD Coach

PTSD Coach was designed for Veterans who have experienced and continue to experience the horrific effects of war. However, anyone in any tragedy can suffer from PTSD and can use this application to become more educated on the symptoms and aftermath of living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) This is an extensive resource where you will find self-assessment tests, be directed to support groups, and be supplied many tools to help you to cope with living everyday life with PTSD. You can take advantage of all of the tools if you are seeking treatment or want to seek treatment for your PTSD. Additionally, browse the website through the application and you will discover an abundance of tools to help you relax, unwind, and escape from panic attacks and the other pains that may plague you and hinder you from living your best life in the present.

#9 Calm

Meditation has been long-standing as a pathway to life, death, and the realms in-between. When life is giving you too much of a fast pace, Calm allows you to take it in stride and reminds you to slow down. Learn to perform the best meditation techniques, and to learn by guided “meditation” to breathe and learn to be more mindful. Insomniacs love calm as it has music, sleep stories, and more that can help one to lower anxiety, alleviate stress, and to unwind so that sleep is more therapeutic and restful.

#10 MY3

Suicide is the #1 cause of death. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. No matter how you feel or when you feel like you can go on any longer – MY3 is there for you! MY3 is a safety net for those who are contemplating suicide or having suicidal thoughts.  Through the most painful times in your life, there is light at the end of the tunnel and MY3 has made it a priority to provide assistance for those who feel they have no choice but to end their own life. Pick3 most important people in your life and keep them informed and connected so that they can help you when their help is needed the most.

#11 Better Help Online Therapy

Better Help is the longest running, most popular self-help online therapy apps out there. It is a major platform with many sister sites that can help you to connect and be matched with any therapist and counselors. Both FREE and per FEE services can be found on this extraordinary site. Sign up easily, and let Better Help tailor your needs and services with one of their 4,000 online therapists. You can address depression, grief, relationship issues, addiction, personality disorders, and more as you select the counselor of your preference.  This allows you to avoid the stigma of receiving therapy by opting for online therapy through a variety of digital means.

#12 HeadSpace

HeadSpace is the ultimate app that can take you to your very own utopia. Destress and be gently encouraged and guided to improve your health and find your optimal happiness. Learn how to meditate to relieve stress and body pain, become more mindful, and find your calm by relaxing, discovering the fine balance of life, getting deeper sleep. This as a whole will only require just a few minutes per day – but you will certainly realize in no time that you are reaping the benefits.

#13 Worry Watch

Do you worry a lot- and not the sort of average worries? If you are ridden with anxiety, then Worry Watch is definitely an app you will come to appreciate, greatly. Worry Watch can help you to better gain a perspective of your worries. It helps you to record and learn more about the patterns and triggers that cause you to have anxiety. If there is such thing as prioritizing your anxiety, Worry Watch has this down to a science. It has been celebrated by Healthline.com as the #1 app for anxiety now four years in a row.

#14 Breathe 2 Relax

Breathe2Relax is an amazing app that can be used as an on-demand stress- management tool. This application has tons of useful information that range from addressing all of the many symptoms of stress to directions on how to perform certain activities that can manage stress. You will be able to learn to control your moods through many techniques and methods which employ different breathing exercises, controlling one’s anger, and coping with the worst of anxieties. This application and all of the tools can be combined to enhance results and success from clinical therapy services.

#15 Mood Tools

Depression, whether circumstantially or long-term – impacts 80% of the world’s population. Those who suffer from all variables of depression can be of benefit by using Mood Tools. Mood Tools boasts an array of help through their app that can provide support and guidance for those who suffer from deep depression. You can create your suicide prevention plan, track your behavior, learn more about your mood swings, and provide insight to share with others and to acquire a better-customized treatment plan.

Bottom Line: The Top 15 Best Mental Health Apps Online

With the advance of technology and with the development of new applications for all sorts of mobile devices and computers, mental health help is abundantly available via a plethora of resources that can be accessed easily by a mere few clicks. These are just a handful of the wonderful applications that can be accessed through the web, via any IOS or Android device.

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