Times have changed and now, one of the very best ways to showcase your skills and creativity is with a professional looking website. For the site administrator, there is plenty of room to use and you can make your content more readable by optimizing for search engines.

However, not everyone has an HTML background and setting your website just right may prove quite the challenge. An alternative is to hire a professional to do it for you. Website hosting can be another burden. Especially If you lack the funds, however, some sites offer cheap hosting for websites and highly intuitive templates to help you accomplish the task.

Not setting up your website the right way often accompanies a lack of traffic. Here are the top 13 mistakes that could pose an issue to the site’s ranking and conversions. If you are making these mistakes, do not worry, the great thing is that they can be fixed.

1. Web pages are not optimized for mobile phones

In this modern age of the Internet, people spend a considerable amount of their time browsing the internet using their smartphones.  If your web page lacks a mobile version, you will miss out on a lot of readers who would otherwise be interested in your content.

2. You are not providing solutions to your clients

Your website’s content should be designed to solve the needs of potential clients. This means everything should be written while putting the customer in mind. The term for this in marketing is called ‘spotlighting’. Ensure that you talk less about yourself and your business and more about what you can do.

3. The website doesn’t explain who you are and what you do

Your about page is among the few areas where you need to state what your business is about and what services it offers as well as who it offers those services or products to. It should be short and straight to the point otherwise potential customers will not be sure of what they are getting.

4. You are showing your work portfolio

Stating that you are a good and reliable professional simply is not enough. Clients want to see evidence of your previous work before they can trust you. Post relevant work in your website. This way potential clients will be able to judge whether you are the right fit.

5. Don’t use numbers

Another thing that potential clients want to see are figures. These make the content appear more factual. If you are a writer, for example, say how many articles you’ve written and which authority sites you’ve been featured on.  If you improved sales, state you improved by what margin.

6.Outdated fonts

The font you use to provide content to your readers has a significant effect on their perception and overall mood which ultimately affects their willingness to continue reading. Stay away from outdated fonts that are hard to read.

7. Content is trendy

While some websites focus on writing trending news, if you want to remain relevant your content should be well thought of and should be readable for a long time to come. You don’t want to have content that is no longer being read once what you wrote about loses fashion.

8. You lack an email list

Among the best ways to market your website as well as the products and services you offer is through an email list. Potential clients who are interested in what you are offering can subscribe to your newsletters which also allows you direct contact with them.

9. Contacting you isn’t very easy

Visitors to your site who want to get in contact with you should do so in an easy and efficient way. If your contact page is hard to find, then you will be losing customers.

10. Emails are not regularly monitored.

Even while your contact page is simple to find and customers are sending you emails, if there is no one to regularly check and reply quickly to those emails, you could lose a lot of interested customers. Clients appreciate a prompt response.

11. Website lacks the right images

website images

Customers want a face to relate to your website. Make sure you have that available on your website. Secondly, the images should be clear even when magnified. Get a professional photographer to take clear and crisp images of your face.

12. The content is not well organized

The content on your website should be well organized. The contact page should not be the home page which should not be the blog page. Also, ensure that navigating your site is simple and intuitive. Potential clients do not want to struggle to search for information.

13. You don’t offer value

If your website’s content does not provide anything of value to potential customers, they will soon get bored and click the back button. You should offer free material or insight on what is happening in the market or even a free download. In this way, readers remain engaged and will be more likely to purchase from you.


Creating a website is only the first step to grabbing the attention of potential customers. They need to also be engaged and remain interested by avoiding some simple but very common pitfalls.

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