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Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Hey! Back with another concept, as you have licked this article on how to make money by investing in cryptocurrencies. I am going to enrich your ideas and knowledge with all valuable and resourceful facts and features that I have inculcated after exploring a lot over the internet and reading the articles presenting the ongoing scenarios of relevant expertise.

  1. Micro Steps: This requires tasks like sign up by large interacted users, also some message responses along with some surveys required as per platform tasks. Such platforms are provided by Coinbase, EarnBitcoin, and Timebucks. As per expertise, these are for no-brain use with the demerit for building up large amounts.
  2. Buy & HODL: This process allows the strategies in trading to buy or invest in companies and gain after specific periods as an investment of $1000 in Microsoft 10 years ago might have given you profit with $8000, similarly investing $1000 in Amazon would have given $20000. These facts reflect the slow growth and time taken.
  3. Learn & Earn: It’s all individual approaches provided by specific platforms known as Coinbase and similar. This requires you just to watch videos which will also enrich your knowledge regarding crypto concepts, and after each video, you will earn cryptocurrency directly in your wallets. Just create your account and watch.
  4. Earn While Shopping: So there is another web browser similar to Google Chrome called Lolli, which gives you such benefit of gaining rewards while you shop and, for a better approach, has this vast range of options. The only demerit is if not balanced properly, you can lose money by shopping in huge amounts and receiving less.
  1. Walk To Earn: How about doing nothing and gaining money? Just by performing your natural activity, that is, walking, gives you both health and wealth. This app called Sweatcoins offers an energetic approach towards earning cryptocurrency assets and rewards you with 0.95 SWC (Sweatcoins) for every 1000 steps you walk.
  2. Earn From Games & Advertisements: Online games are gaining lots of interest without age criteria. Have you ever thought about gaining cryptos by playing and watching ads? So there are dozens of websites such as FocusGames, which offer cryptos like Dogecoin and Litecoin, which you can exchange as per requirements. You can read review before starting with any of such app.
  1. Earn By Profession: What about learning nothing and relating to the profession like content writers, YouTube creators, engineer-teacher, freelancers, and much more for exchanging Bitcoin as per services. Such platforms are AngelList, YouTeam, and Coinality that rewards you for everyday things you love and perform regularly.
  2. Install PC Version & Earn: While working on your PC, you might have installed a lot, but ever thought to earn by installing an app in it and earn Bitcoins? So, the site called Honeyminer which has both Mac and Windows versions, and that runs in the background. Always be aware to avoid extra load on your PC too in search of Bitcoins.
  1. Write To Earn: If you are an avid content writer or loves to write, you can earn Bitcoins on your content through some platforms like Tube (video content). In this way of writing, you will be rewarded on the voting based on valuable content by readers. Even if you are an amateur, you can start writing and earning cryptos right away.
  2. Predict To Earn: Are you good at predicting anything! Then you can go for this method as you can earn daily by predicting the prize on that day in the market of Bitcoin, and by inviting friends to sign in, you earn more prizes in the pool. So SwissBorg app provides you the opportunity to grow by predicting stats in the crypto market.


Always prefer to learn before you proceed in the crypto world. I hope the above knowledge would be fruitful; meet you with more such concepts in upcoming articles. Yet again, we would remind you that every information present in this article is for reference purposes only, and anything herein contained shouldn’t influence your financial decisions.

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