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Top 10 Ways to Backup and Sync your data

The rise of cloud computing has made it easier for everyone to back up their data and prevent data loss. At a time when device theft and hacking have become common, backing your data is more important. 

If you have never stored your data ever in the cloud, this article will help you do that. By the time you end reading this article, you will have ten ways to backup and sync necessary information. Let’s get started!

1 – One Drive Backup 

If you are using any cloud storage solution, you can migrate to one of the world’s best cloud solutions, i.e., One Drive. OneDrive Migration allows you to transfer all your data from other websites and sync them in real-time. You can even create a hierarchy to store your information in an organized manner. 

2 – Open Text Migration

If you use OpenText Content Server to store your information, you can leverage OpenText Content Server Migration to transfer them to SharePoint and Office365. You can even export your data from OpenText via REST API. It is easy to use and can migrate your data within minutes. 

3 – Google Drive

If you use Google services (Gmail, Google Chrome, or Android phone), you can use Google Drive to backup your data and sync them in real-time. All you need to do is set up automated backup to automatically sync new data. For instance, all your photos will be synced to Google Photos. 

4 – Leverage Google Vault

Perfect for business users, Google Vault retains data stored by you in the G Suite regardless of end-user actions. This means even if you delete items permanently, Google Vault will keep them. So, we recommend using Google Vault to store sensitive information that you probably don’t want to be deleted ever. 

5 – Dropbox

One of the most popular cloud storage solutions, Dropbox allows you to store all your files securely. It also enables you to sync your data in real-time, so you get access to up-to-date data all the time. You can access them from any device and even share them with your colleagues. It also lets you manage tasks, track updates, and stay in sync with others. 

6 – IDrive

Whether you want to backup your personal or business information, IDrive has a solution for you. It allows you to sync data from all your devices (PC, mobile, and tablet) and store them in the cloud. You can access necessary information from any device by logging into your IDrive account. For personal users, it provides 5 TB of data while unlimited storage for teams and businesses. 

7 – Backblaze

If you are looking for a low-cost backup and sync solution, Backblaze is the right choice for you. Trusted by more than 500,000 users, Backblaze allows you to store unlimited files, irrespective of their size. You can integrate Facebook, Cloudflare, Arq, and more tools to directly sync data from these platforms to Backblaze. 

8 – CrashPlan

Perfect for small businesses, CrashPlan is a cloud backup solution provider that helps backup critical information at as low as $10 per month per computer. There is no limit in how much data you can back up with CrashPlan, making it a perfect investment for new businesses. It also offers external hard drive protection and ransomware recovery options. 

9 – Carbonite

With security at its heart, Carbonite offers robust data sharing and backup tools for homes and businesses. With over one million customers, Carbonite offers automatic file and photo backup with no limits in storage. You can even access files remotely from any device. Depending on the plan you choose, you will also get an external hard drive backup for better security. 

10 – Acronis

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Acronis cloud solutions can offer fast, powerful, and integrated backup services. It uses AES-256 encryption to ensure your data is safe all the time. Besides, it also does not have a limit on how many files you can store. 


Backup and sync have become more important than ever as it helps safeguard your data from getting lost. Use the top ten backup solutions to secure your data. 

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