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Top 10 most creative TikTok profiles

TikTok is a hub of creativity. The platform is designed entirely around allowing people to be themselves no matter who they happen to be. With that in mind, it’s natural that a whole lot of incredibly unique and creative profiles have sprung up in the wake of the app’s incredible growth. Of course, with the help of proven social media experts, you too could have what these people have built, so don’t despair; even if these people’s profiles seem unattainable, they’re anything but. Here are the top 10 most creative TikTok profiles.

  1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

Did you think you’d see a list counting down TikTok’s best and brightest without Charli D’Amelio on it? The incredible teen is a woman of many talents, boasting the ability to dance flawlessly and sing beautifully. She’s well-known for her creative, well-crafted choreography routines, as well as for being one of TikTok’s most iconic users. D’Amelio is a very well-known TikTok user, largely because she managed to surf the zeitgeist of the app almost as soon as it became popular.

  1. Alison Ponthier (@alisonponthier)

Singer-songwriter and self-described “CEO of spooky stuff” Alison Ponthier represents the lighter side of TikTok. This is an app well-known for its comic potential, and that’s something Ponthier exploits with aplomb. Whether she’s acting as characters from well-known popular culture or posting one of her beautifully-written songs, Ponthier is someone you really need to be familiar with if you’re looking to get started with TikTok. She also posts some pretty excellent covers.

  1. Youngnailsinc (@youngnailsinc)

Fans of nail art, your nirvana is here. We may not know much about who “Youngnailsinc” really is, but what we do know is that they absolutely kill it with every single post they create. The nail art on display here is staggeringly beautiful and creatively-done. If you like seeing people’s nails transformed into canvases on which works of art are displayed, then look no further than Youngnailsinc. The content is regular, too, so you’ll always be able to get your fix.

  1. Taj Reed (@donidarkowitz)

Just like Youngnailsinc, Taj Reed’s incredible makeup tutorials must be seen to be believed. Reed is well-known for creative and interesting solutions to problems, using everyday items and household objects to stand in for professional makeup equipment. Despite this home-grown approach, Reed’s makeup never manages to look anything less than flawless. Want to know how to do makeup on a budget? This is exactly where you need to apply.

  1. Ben Johnson (@sneakermechanic)

Did you think everything that could be done with sneakers (that’s “trainers” if you’re a UK reader) had been done? Think again. Ben Johnson’s TikTok channel @sneakermechanic takes shoes and customises them to incredible degrees. Johnson applies all-new designs and aesthetics to the shoes he works on so that you’d never even know the original shoe had existed. While Johnson’s skills aren’t necessarily something you could or should try at home, he’s amazingly talented and creative.

  1. Zach King (@zachking)

There are some who think that magic tricks are lame. Those people have clearly never seen Zach King’s TikTok profile. This magician creates some truly incredible tricks, crafting content that has to be seen to be believed. King’s 42 million followers didn’t come from anywhere; he’s risen to the top on the back of hard work, an amazing level of confidence, and some of the best magic tricks you’re ever likely to see. Budding magicians, take note: this is how you do it.

  1. JiffPom (@jiffpom)

Yes, JiffPom is a tiny, adorable Pomeranian dog. No, that absolutely doesn’t make his TikTok channel any less creative or funny than any other channel out there. JiffPom’s humans make his TikTok presence felt through cute fashion shoots, perfect framing, and his amazing sense of speed and grace. Animal content may not exactly be difficult to find out there on the internet, but JiffPom is one of the few bona fide animal celebrities to grace social media.

  1. TikTok (@tiktok)

It stands to reason that TikTok would itself have a presence on its own social media platform, but that doesn’t mean that the content posted on @tiktok is automatically great. Instead, the people behind TikTok’s account clearly understand how to put together a creative profile. They regularly feature new creators and content, as well as tutorials on how to use the platform and things you should know about both TikTok and the wider world. It’s worth checking them out!

  1. SpencerX (@spencerx)

Beatboxing is already a pretty incredible talent, but when you add the kind of creative framing that SpencerX pours into his videos, you’ve got a recipe for success. Mixing meme content with the kind of beatboxing talent we all wish we had (and dream we have on nights out), SpencerX is worth following for anyone who either understands musical genius or wishes they did. SpencerX is one of the many creators who also has a presence on other platforms, so you should check him out on YouTube too.

  1. Ellie (@direiellie)

Equal parts soothing and great fun to watch, Italian doodle artist Ellie’s channel is a great way to unwind after a long and difficult day. Ellie draws all kinds of things; from Pokémon to famous anime characters and Japanese cultural phenomena like Hamtaro or Doraemon, Ellie’s channel is chock-full of well-drawn thumbnail sketches. There are also plenty of tutorials to check out if you want to learn to doodle just like Ellie does (hint: you do).

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