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Top 10 innovations in Gaming that changed the industry

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Gaming is not new to the PC industry. In fact, gaming exists since last several years. We had played games since Pentium era. However, with the rapid change in the technology, game developers have started to implement new innovations into the games. With powerful processors and high-density RAM in laptops, users are able to play games in a faster way that what they played nearly 20 years back.

The video game industry is the major platform for the new innovation to be tested. This is because the developers are trying to adopt new, innovative and crazy ideas to revolutionize the industry. In this article, we will distill the top 10 innovations in gaming that made a mark in the industry.

Online Play

Online Play enables you to reap the benefits of games such as Gears of War with friends living anywhere in the world. You can play with your friend based in the USA without your physical presence. It helps you to interact with friends in a unique way.

Multimedia Consoles

Gaming consoles are multimedia enabled. This means you can play and watch music and movies. It is also possible to view pictures, navigate social media platforms sites,, including the ability to read news, headlines and much more. Some of the examples of consoles are Xbox, Playstation 2, Nintendo and the upcoming Nintendo DX.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Gone are days where you need to buy CDs and DVDs of games. You can now purchase video games online and download them anytime by logging into your account. Moreover, you can easily update games by downloading updates. Hence, the option of downloadable content gives a huge boost to players. Companies can reduce production cost and concentrate on marketing.

Touch Control

With touch control, you need not have to make use of controllers. Hence, you can reduce space around your desk since the touch controls are integrated into the display.

Gaming Physics

Gaming physics provides realistic feeling since characters now fall and stack up. You can view distorted body parts if the character tumbles down the staircases. Nowadays, game developers are making effective use of Physics during the development of games.

Motion Control

Even though Motion control is still in its infancy stage, the technology can mimic the real-life motions. You can find implementations of motion control in Project Natal from Microsoft and many others.

Wireless Technology

You need not have to depend on the wires to connect to game consoles. With the emergence of wireless communication, you can easily establish connectivity with gaming consoles.

Achievements and Trophies

Let’s create some noise. Nowadays, companies are providing achievements and trophies if the relevant player is able to complete a specific task in a video game. For example, if a user completes Level 5, he will let some medals integrated into his profile.


With the emergence of mobile, gaming has migrated to smartphones and tablets. You need not have to make use of powerful computers to play games.

As you can see, technology has taken the gaming industry into a new world of fun and excitement.

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