Top 10 Criminals: Google apologizes for listing Narendra Modi’s image

Search Engine Giant Google on Wednesday asked apology for listing Narendra Modi’s image while searching for ‘Top 10 Criminals in India’.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the image results which populates for a certain query is not the opinion of Google.

As per the spokesperson, Google Search Engine works on various algorithms, and sometimes, these algorithms populates weird results.

“We are seriously working together to improve our algorithms which will help us to avoid future hassles and misunderstanding like this”, said the Google spokesperson.

As per Google, the results to the “top 10 criminals in India’ was basically due to a British magazine which contains the image of Narendra Modi. An erroneous date error worsened the results, and things became sensational as it is now.

Images of Modi appeared in criminals list because of the statements Modi has made against Politicians and Criminals.

The news articles or the images do not link Modi to any kind of criminal activity, but it happened as a result of words just appeared in close proximity to each other.

The image of Narendra Modi in the list of ‘Top 10 Criminals’ has created wide criticisms from all corners. Narendra Modi supporters opposed Google to the fullest, while his political enemies targeted him and claimed that Google did the right thing by including him in this list.

However, the explanation from Google is expected to bring an end to all the controversies.