The internet is now the only source of money for some people excluding ones who are making money by illegal and wrong means. If you are a person who surfs the internet almost all the time, then you might be the next victim of the scam which can affect you by money or identity theft. Here we are with some precautions which will prepare you for all type of internet scams.

6Do Google searches

If you get mail from any company or organization which sounds suspicious, then do a Google search before responding to that mail. Enter search phrases like “<company name> scam”, “<company name> review” or “<company name> complaint“. This will give you enough information about that organization or if it is a scam. You can also contribute by voting that name as scam to help more people on the internet.

5Beware of imposters

Do not send money to someone just because it pretends to be someone you trust like a government official, some NGO, bank or any MNC. Do not respond to them with any of your personal details, they use your personal details for illegal activities. If you get any call from any suspicious number, do a Google search before picking up the call if its possible or ignore the call.


If you ever answer a call which plays a recorded voice asking you to press 1 to speak to a person then immediately hang up that call. They may give you some illogical offers like a big lottery you won, or you won a smartphone. Do not believe on these type of calls and if the possible report that number on any online community.

3Free trial offers

Do not sign up for free trial offers without knowing everything about the organization or the website offering free trials. These websites can use your personal details for illegal activities or can sell your information to someone paying them for it.

2Take precautions

Always talk to someone which you think knows better than you about the internet like your family members, a friend or your teacher. This will help you to know more about these type of scams and frauds. You can also register yourself for Google news alerts about the latest scam and fraud news.

1Internet security extensions

There are lots of extensions available for desktop browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which can warn you before proceeding to any website which does not fulfill internet security terms and blocks your browser to proceed any further until you tell it to.


As you know, that precaution is better than cure. So it’s better to get prepared for these scams. If you know some precautions other than these or if you got scammed with any scam then share it with us.