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Tips to date online safely during COVID-19 pandemic

The world has been going through some serious changes in the last five months. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted humanity’s ability to adapt to every aspect of life. Dating is no exception either. The landscape of online dating changed dramatically due to the huge number of new users. Here are our tips on how to date in a time when social distancing is crucial.

Coming to terms

The internet has been connecting lovebirds from all over the world for a while. However, meeting a partner online wasn’t considered mainstream until recently, and one can argue that this practice is still frowned upon. Or, it was, until the recent events started taking place. Suddenly, going outside, and meeting people in the ‘’real world’’ became extremely unsafe. The world as a whole has come to terms with online dating as the safest and the most responsible option.

eHarmony has been around for 20 years, and it is still getting many new users. Their dedication to allowing users to find out more about each other and establish common interests makes the site especially enticing to people looking for a serious relationship.

Best Dating Sites Today is a site that can help you determine the best dating site for you. Whether you’re looking for a hookup or a serious relationship, and no matter their preferences, the internet has something to offer to everyone. This site is dedicated to helping its users make an informed decision before they make an account, which means saving time and, possibly, money they’d spend on a less than satisfactory site.

Match is another dating site dedicated to matching people through a questionnaire specially designed to connect people who will get along great because of their common interests and understanding of the world. It has existed since 1995. Both Match and eHarmony are great general dating sites. However, some people are more interested in casual dating and hookups or have a preference that sets them apart from the general dating pool.

Advantages of online dating

Although everything we’ve stated above is true, it can still be difficult for some people to think of using sites and apps dedicated to dating as ”the real deal”. We couldn’t disagree more.

Online dating is a great way to meet people from different areas, countries and even continents. It is basically the only way to go if you want to try your hand at international dating.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are many people who find dating difficult due to their shyness. The distance and barrier online dating can provide allow even the shyest individuals to come out of their shells. No one should be ashamed if they want to date online safely.

Lastly, there is a simple fact that there’s a bigger chance to find someone truly exceptional if you broaden your horizons. Finding people with similar preferences, experiences and expectations have never been easy, but dating sites and apps can definitely help. This is especially true if you haven’t been on any dates for a while.

Why shouldn’t you try online dating?

How do you date online?

Dating online can get awkward if you’re only starting. It is absolutely okay to be overwhelmed by new things. Even if you’ve already been in long-distance relationships, the inability to go on a real date is not a small hurdle. However, you don’t have to physically go somewhere to have a great time.

A dinner date

Utilizing video calling technology is a great way to connect and spend time together. We know it’s hard to change your habits, but a dinner you have separately, yet together, can be an amazing date. Here’s why.

No one could have hoped this year would be filled with so much stress and anxiety. You probably need to get your mind off of everyday troubles. Why not use a video-date as an opportunity to dress fancy and cook or order food for a wonderful evening with someone you are interested in? No matter the state of the world, you deserve to rest and have fun. Moreover, you probably need it to stay sane. Spending time with someone you like is a great way to release some of the tension that has built up.

Experiencing new things together to date online safely

Of course, some people prefer going to museums, concerts, or watching movies on their dates. These classics can also be done while you’re both at home and safe. Many museums have opened their virtual doors to the public during these trying times. Why shouldn’t you explore them together?

The internet gives us infinite possibilities.

When it comes to concerts, many musicians and bands also provided their audience with improvised quarantine sessions, which can be enjoyed together, as well as a plethora of concerts and festivals from before the epidemic. If you want to enjoy some great music, you always have the option to watch these videos together.

The same can be applied to movies or TV shows. Our suggestion is to watch your date’s favorite movie together, so you can talk about watching your favorite the next time if things go well. Yay for second dates!

Gaming together is a nice way to date online safely too. Enjoy your favorite games and see how you work together through a fun activity. This can also be said about online escape rooms or other types of online content you enjoy.

Some general tips for online dating

The internet has enabled people to date even in a time as extreme as this year is proving to be. Yet, it would be a disservice not to mention the potential problems it can bring. These problems mostly regard communication, safety and dishonesty.


Chatting is a great way to determine if you like a person or not. You get to be open about yourself and also to ask any question you want. Still, if the only way you’re talking is via chat, there is a big possibility for miscommunication. The block function has made it incredibly easy to cut off all communication. Thus, it is up to you to convey your messages clearly. Don’t use vague language, make jokes that could be taken negatively, or give backhanded compliments. Likewise, don’t be quiet if you’re feeling uncomfortable for any reason, and speak up if the other person is crossing a line.

Pay close attention to the way you write.


Most dating sites require some personal data from their users. Some people are more private and should pay close attention to the dating site they choose. But, this is only the first step. The second is making sure you don’t offer any data that can be used to locate you to the people you’re talking with. This includes your address, specific place of work, or any other similar details. We also implore you to refrain from sending money to anyone you don’t know.


Not being compatible is a very common and normal thing that happens to everyone from time to time. Pretending to be someone you’re not is a choice. If you’re trying to date someone, online or offline, try to be honest. This way you’ll be fair to the other person, and won’t have to face the consequences if you’re ever found out.


At the moment, the internet is the best place to meet new people. Date online safely because it can be fun and fulfilling, but its biggest advantage is definitely the fact that you’re staying safe and being responsible.

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