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Tips to Create a Sustainable Business as an AdSense Blogger

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If you have created a blog, and your goal is to earn money with it. The easiest way to monetize it is with Google AdSense, which is part of Google’s $150 billion advertising business.

AdSense is an advertising system, which is an intermediary between Advertisers (such as online stores and local businesses.) and publishers. AdSense is widely used by bloggers to earn money through advertising. You can get started quickly if you buy a website domain and start creating content.

Its success is due to the fact that it is currently the company with the largest number of advertisers, besides being the most responsible, compliant and “honest” with both advertisers and publishers (also called Editors or Publishers. site owners who want to place advertising on your site from AdSense).

When you implement AdSense, what you want most is the best profitability (clicks of visits), to take advantage of our website, of course without making common mistakes with AdSense and worrying about having your account banned.

Tips to Earn More Money with AdSense

The following tips will help you earn more money with AdSense.

Tips regarding the content of the blog

Here are some tips that involve creating the right content for your AdSense blog or website.

  • Choose the right niche. Choosing the right niche is going to profoundly affect your ability to earn money. There are some niches in which the PPC (pay per click) is higher than in others. To get an idea you can use the Google Keyword Tool to see what advertisers pay for placing their ads (keep in mind that publishers such as blogs earn 60% of these prices).
  • The subject of the blog is vital. General blogs (like “Sports”) will earn less per click than more specific ones (like “tennis”).
  • Good content is vital. Good content is not only essential for getting Google to rank your page well, but also for advertisers to value it (they can bid more money to appear specifically on your blog if they like your content) and for readers to value it (so you will gain loyalty and have more visits).
  • Position your blog in search engines. Visits coming from search engines like Google are the most profitable. Good content will help you do this.

Web Design Tips

Here are some tips on creating a good design for your AdSense blog:

  • A simple template is more effective when designing your website, so don’t try to make it too visual, with lots of images and flash. A simple template where the ads stand out will be more profitable.
  • The main column where you have the content should not be less than 460 pixels wide.
  • Use an eye-catching color for the links in the blog titles.

Tips on AdSense Ad Blocks

Here are some tips on using AdSense ad blocks to maximize profits.

  • AdSense ads in the same column as the main content will be more profitable since it will make the ads appearing related to the content of each article and the AdSense ad blocks will be more visible.
  • The color of the text of the ads should be eye-catching and the same as the titles of your articles.
  • The most profitable ad block is 336×280.
  • Use A/B Testing. You will be able to place different ads and see which format gives you more profitability.
  • Put tracking criteria to all your ads. This will help you discard ad formats that are not profitable or see which ones DO work for you.
  • See if it is better to use ad blocks (this is the maximum allowed by AdSense) or only 1. This depends on all of the above, so test (many ads will increase the number of clicks and decrease the pay per click, while few ads will decrease the number of clicks, but increase the pay per click) for this reason, it depends on the theme, the position of the ads, etc…

What NOT to do with AdSense Ads

Here are some things that you should not do as an AdSense blogger:

  • The first thing you should do is check the terms and conditions of the AdSense program.
  • Do NOT click on your own ads. The most you can get is wasting your time, not getting paid for those clicks, or even worse, getting your AdSense account closed.
  • You cannot place AdSense ads on any blog. Check the AdSense policy and see the topics not allowed in AdSense).
  • Do not modify the AdSense ads code.
  • Do not encourage clicks on your ads with words as I recommend… Content of interest… or putting images close to the ads.
  • Do not place ads on websites with content that infringes on copyright (e.g. download websites).
  • Don’t place ads in places like pop-up windows.
  • In short: Read the full AdSense policy.

Google always helps you

I keep on with the same as always, although Google right now is the “God of the Internet” and does and undoes as it wants, it always helps us. So here I leave you a link to the AdSense Academy with tips of all kinds to make your blog more profitable.

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