Timing Belt vs Timing Chain: What’s the Difference?

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Sometimes, even people who own cars do not know about what makes the timing belts different from timing chains, so do not feel bad if you do not know the difference between timing belt vs timing chain in your car. Basically, both the timing belts and timing chains have important roles to control valves in your car’s engines and the timings.

But there are other differences as well. To make it easier for you to understand the difference between timing belt vs timing chain in your car, you need to know about the timing belts and the timing chain.

1. Timing belt

The timing belt is considered as one of the most important innovations in the 1960s. Back then, cars became more important in people’s lives. At the same time, the engine of a vehicle was complex. That was why the timing belt was invented.

The timing belt is a part of the internal combustion engines. The function of the timing belt is to coordinate the rotation of crankshaft and camshaft. You can find the timing belt close to the timing tensioners. It is designed like this so the timing belt can balance the movement in the engine cycle and make sure that there is nothing amiss in the timing.

To make sure the timing belt is durable, it is made from rubber. It also contains fibreglass. Even so, it will wear out in time. Usually, you need to change the timing belt once you have ridden your car more than 60 thousand miles.

2. Timing Chain

Once you know about the timing belt, now you need to know about the timing chain so you can tell the difference between timing belt vs timing chain in your car. As the name suggests, the timing chain is a metal chain. It connects the camshaft and the crankshaft.

The function of the timing chain is similar to the function of the timing belt. The timing chain is supposed to make sure that the crankshaft and the camshaft revolve correctly. When compared to the timing belt, one of the advantages of using the timing chain is that it is more durable, thus it can last longer. If your car uses a timing chain, then you do not need to worry about replacing it when your car reaches certain miles.

The timing chain of your car can last as long as the engine of your car. Another good thing about the timing chain is that it has tensioners. The function of these tensioners is to prevent the timing chain from loosening and ensuring that it works well.

The downside of the timing chain is that it depends on the oil pressure of your car’s engine. So, the working of the chain can be affected by oil pressure. The timing belt and the timing chain have a similar function. Even so, the timing chain has some advantages such as it can last longer. But, basically, the difference between timing belt vs timing chain in your car is the material of those two are made of.

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