Timex launched its new IQ+ Move analogue watch with the essential features of a smartwatch such as a fitness tracker. Priced at INR 9,995, it can be purchased from all Timex stores in India.

The watch has a round dial with a sporty leather strap. The tracker can track all the basic things that a smartwatch does. It includes tracking steps, calories and sleep. The watch has a companion Timex bluetooth app that is used to pair with a smartphone (Android and iOS). It allows users to set goals and track their progress and work towards achieving them.

The watch also has a standard battery inside that renders regular charging unnecessary.

“Timex believes that its consumers do not have to give up on their style for functionality or vice versa. IQ+ is for the modern day men who demand a fit and active lifestyle and are always connected on the move,” said Anupam Mathur, head of sales and marketing of Timex Group, India.

For its price range, the IQ+ Move is well ahead of the curve as it provides the luxury of a traditional watch along with fitness essentials.

The watch is available in two different styles targetted at completely different demographics-  first, silver case, white dial with gold tone and brown leather strap, and second, gray silicone strap, grey case, black dial and blue accents. Both are waterproof up to 50m. The first one suits normal usage and the second one is for the sporty ones.