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Three Ways to Organize Your Photos

It’s easy to get carried away taking photos on your smartphone when you’re out with your friends or on a long summer vacation. The problems arise when you get home and you’re trying to find a specific photo that you’ve taken. You end up scrolling through hundreds or even thousands of images for several minutes before finding it.

Keeping the photos on your iPhone or Android smartphone nice and organized will prevent this problem. You will be able to find the photos you’re looking for within seconds. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some top photo organization tips to help you.

  1. Split Your Photos into Albums

There are a few different ways that you can sort your photos into various albums. You can either split them according to the occasion or chronologically.

Use an album cover template to create various covers for each of your photo albums. This will make it even easier to spot the folder that you are looking for and makes your photo app look aesthetically pleasing.

By creating albums, you can take as many photos as you like without worrying about losing them in the abyss of images on your phone. Everything will be easy to find and you can reminisce on all of your favorite memories.

  1. Delete Whenever Possible

The great thing about storing your photos digitally is the ease at which you can delete them. If you don’t like a photo, it takes just one or two clicks and it’s gone forever.

If you’re guilty of taking several photos in very similar positions to ‘get the best one’, you might be in need of a good old clear-out. Take some time to look through all of your current photos and delete the ones that are duplicates or just aren’t your favorites in the album.

Try and be as brutal as possible so that you delete a decent number of photos and clear up space on your phone. As much as you would love to keep four version of the same image, it’s much easier to organize your photo albums when you have less to work with!

  1. Transfer Your Photos Onto an External Hard Drive

Organizing your photos on a hard drive is much easier than trying to sort them into folders on your phone. If you have an external hard drive, transfer all of your images from your phone onto the drive every couple of months.

You can keep the extra special photos on your phone to look back on with your friends and family every so often or you can delete all of them from your phone to free up some storage space.

Storing your photos on a hard drive will also keep them safe and secure. If your phone ever gets stolen or goes corrupt, you won’t have lost all of your incredible memories.

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