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Three ways to make fulfillment faster at your Magento Store

It’s a fact that 80% of consumers want fast shipping and low prices, according to a recent survey that was conducted by UPS for its annual Pulse of the Online Shopper rundown. If you’re at the opposite end of this spectrum—the ecommerce store that’s fulfilling orders—getting products out the door fast and efficiently should be a mainstay of your back-office fulfillment operations.

However, if fulfillment feels like a never-ending cycle, and if you’re struggling to meet delivery schedules in a timely manner, it’s probably time to rethink your position. Lucky for you, you’ve come across this helpful article. In it, we’ll deliver a few proven methods that you can easily integrate into your Magento store to make fulfillment more expedient, accurate and less stressful.

Reorganize Your Pick & Pack Station

Step one might be tedious, depending on how organized you are. Getting orders fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner requires that you have a well-organized and efficient pick and pack station. If your pick and pack station isn’t properly stocked, well situated and designed to streamline your endeavors, you can’t expect fulfillment to ever be superfluous.

  • Reorganize your pick and station like an assembly line, so products can be packaged faster.
  • Create an inventory checklist for your pick and pack station so you never run low again.
  • Conduct timed practice runs with your staff to ensure fluidity in your pick and pack process.
  • Automate label, invoice and packing slip generation to a one-system method (see next tip below).

Automate Tedious Processes

One of the surest methods that you can use to streamline fulfillment is by automating tedious manual tasks. What can you automate, though? With the right Magneto shipping software, you can use something called the “one-system” method. This relies on printing out your shipping labels using all-in-one forms that contain the peel-off prepaid shipping label as well as a perforated comment card and packing slip.

Using this one-system method, you can drastically reduce pick and pack times substantially while improving accuracy simultaneously. That’s because you can pull your printed shipping labels, stick them on the box, slide in the comment card and packing slip, seal the box and send it on its way in less than half the time.

Ship Priority Mail Whenever Possible

Did you know that the most common weight of a shipped ecommerce order is under 5 pounds? It’s something that Amazon counts on when designing its logistics, and it’s also something that the USPS has counted on when designing their economy plus Priority Mail services. So how does this benefit you?

  • USPS Priority Mail is based on the size of the box, not the weight.
  • You’ll get the lowest shipping prices possible, every single time.
  • You can use the same size boxes to send all your goods.
  • The USPS provides the boxes free of charge.
  • You can schedule free package pickup daily – no more trips to the post office.

Hopefully, these tips help you ship faster and more accurately while perhaps also saving you some money on postage and shipping cost.

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