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Three things you should know about fake urine

Fake urine may help you to pass a urine test if you abuse drugs or other substances. However, it is not as easy as just going out to the store and buying urine. To buy quick fix synthetic urine, you need to be sure of its composition. You should also check the general appearance as well as its chemical properties. Just like normal urine, urea, ammonia, and sulfate are present in fake urine. All other chemical properties of normal urine are also present.  A few things highlighted below can help you to understand how fake urine works and its use.

Here are 3 Things you should know about fake urine

  1.   The authenticity of fake urine

The main properties that determine the authenticity of fake urine are the odor, color, and temperature. When looking for fake urine, you should check for those qualities. You should ensure that the fake urine has all the three properties to avoid the suspicion that you may not have the right sample for testing. The lab technician can tell if the urine is not authentic by simply looking at those three properties. You should store fake urine properly so that it maintains the right odor, color, and temperature. It is good to sterilize the container before use. You should also seal it properly to avoid contamination by bacteria which is present in the surrounding environment. Remember to mix the urine sample when ready for testing. Keeping fake urine at room temperature for a long time before testing it, messes it up.

  1.   Fake urine can help you to Pass a drug test

Before you start your dream job, you have to go for an interview. Most organizations nowadays test potential employees for drug abuse. They mainly test for opioids use, marijuana and cocaine. There are so many substance abuse drugs in the market, and different organizations will test for abuse of such substances to ensure that you are fit to work for them. Fake urine will give negative results for barbiturates, amphetamines, and all other drugs on the above list. This way, you will get a clean record and improve your chances of getting employment. For athletes and other sports, they may also test for performance-enhancing drugs. If you test positive, you may be disqualified from participating in the sports. To avoid such eventualities, you should give a fake urine sample instead of your real urine for testing. This way, you are sure of passing the test.

  1.   Shelf life

How long does the fake urine last? This is one of the commonly asked questions especially by athletes and sports personality who frequently take the urine test. The shelf life is up to two years subject to storage. If you expose the fake urine to sunlight for long hours, the urine PH will change. This affects its authenticity. There are different brands on the market. You should review them and opt for the one with the longest shelf life.

You should not worry about the urine test. You should take the right measures to ensure that you pass it. This may determine your career growth and development. It also determines your success in exploiting your talent. With the right fake urine samples, you will pass any urine test.

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