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Three things that make single bets advantageous

Online sports betting has become incredibly popular all over the world. In the last few years, hundreds of online sport betting sites have popped up. This form of gambling has given punters the ultimate experience to have fun and make some good money.

Online sports betting can be done from anywhere; with a good internet connection and a computer, you can easily place your bet in minutes and wait for a positive outcome. There are two major types of bets in online sports betting. These are; single bets and multi bets. Single bets are always the best and are highly recommended by betting experts since they are less risky.

Here are 3 things that make single bets advantageous.

  1. Bet Simplicity

Single bets are bets that are placed on a certain outcome of only one selection or event. The returns of a single bet are not dependent on a combination of matches. This means that if you guess the outcome of one selection correctly, you can cash in immediately. This simplicity of single bets has made it very popular among beginners.

When gambling on a single bet, there are numerous options to consider which include; the team expected to win, the number of goals, the top scorers on both sides, and the corners each team will get.

One great thing about single bets is that you can always check the line up prior to placing your bet and if you realize that your strong team has fielded their substitute team, you can decide to reverse your earlier decision.

  1. Higher Chances Of Earning

Compared to multi bets which promise a lot of money but are very risky as you could lose all your cash, single bets are much better because they have high winning percentages and are geared towards long-term profits.

With a single bet, you have an over 90% chance of winning if you consider you betting options carefully. In a multi bet, a single game can ruin everything. For example, if you place a bet on 20 teams with extremely high odds and you guess one outcome wrong, you win nothing.

Single bets are more advantageous because you can split your gambling money into smaller amounts. If your gambling budget is $1000, you can split this money into 10, select 10 games and place your 10 single bets. If you get at least 6 correct, you will earn yourself some decent money.

  1. Single Bets Have Better Odds

One of the reasons why single bets are recommended by betting experts is because they have better odds. A single bet can be quite rewarding if you place a big bet. However, to get maximum profits, avoid placing high bets on very risky games. For instance, if Manchester City is playing Liverpool and the odds are 2:3 or 1:2, avoid betting on goals. Look for a safer option.  


There you have it; 3 things that make single bets advantageous. Looking to try your luck in Single Betting? At singlebetting.com, you will find all the top matches, football previews, betting tips and predictions to help you get big wins today.  

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