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Three Things That Can Ruin Your Brand Image During An Online Presentation

Delivering presentations is one of the most common tasks in many companies. And there are a few reasons for that: they’re easy to understand, they’re short, they look nice – but only if prepared properly.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach making an easy-to-digest presentation in school, and when you’re learning everything yourself, there’s much room for mistakes. But while minor flaws in presentations are not that big of a problem, some things can end with a disaster. Here are three mistakes that can ruin your brand image during an online presentation. Avoid them at all costs – and you won’t fail.


Whether you’re presenting to foreign investors or employees, you always have to make yourself understood. This means using simple, and flawless language and constructions that will help your audience understand you. If you have to present in another language, it’s best to hire a translator – say the experts from Architekst (an online translation company). This way, you’ll make sure the wording is as straightforward as possible, and you will get the right message across, without any embarrassing mistakes. Google translate just won’t do.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are one of the most common presentation problems, and they can significantly impact everything. First, you’re nervous enough when you’re presenting (everybody is), and the smallest problem can make you panic and affect the quality of the presentation – for both you and the audience. And second, if you’re breaking up because of connectivity issues, the audience will constantly get distracted. Check the internet, microphone, and slide show mode before the presentation starts.

Cluttered Slides

An online presentation can be a little hard to focus on for your audience, so you need to help everyone stay interested. For that, use modern, professional design, and avoid big text blocks. Add images and visual elements to illustrate your point, but stay simple. Don’t overload the slides – the trick is to deliver one message at a time.

The key point of every business presentation is staying professional. Turning on a kitten filter can ruin your brand reputation as easily as disengaging speech. The same goes for cluttered slides and unprofessional translation – you need the audience to understand, and like you, not the other way around. Still, using Google Translate for your business presentations? Check this infographic provided by Architext and learn why it’s not the best idea.


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