With every major league sport currently on suspension due to COVID-19 concerns, people are looking for ways to get their fill of sports. Combine that with the fact that so many people are still under stay-at-home orders with no specific date of those orders being lifted, and it’s time to get creative. This is where you can usher in sports technology. Never before have these gadgets and equipment been so useful.

Curious as to what sports technology you should use in 2020? Here are three great pieces to check out.

Golfers Can Track their Launch and Swing

For the golfers out there, now is the perfect time to start perfecting your swing and getting ready for what will hopefully be a great golf season. Practicing now means you’ll be ready for when the courses re-open if they aren’t already open in your area.

Launch monitors, like this launch monitor, are able to provide a vast amount of information that can then be used to improve your game. Today’s monitors are highly accurate and can give you such details as the backspin, ball speed, carry distance, flight path, side spin, clubhead speed, angle of descent, and launch angle just to name a few. Also, they tend to be very user-friendly so you’ll not have to waste time setting one up.

These monitors can be used in your own home so there’s no need to leave the house in order to improve your game.

The Skipping Rope Gets a High-Tech Makeover

While a skipping rope may sound really simple and frankly a bit boring, it is a piece of equipment that you can find in every gym and is heralded by many personal trainers. Jumping rope is actually known as an incredible calorie-burning activity, plus it helps to strengthen your lower and upper body. So, what if the traditional and boring jump rope got a high-tech makeover? That is exactly the case with Smart Skipping Ropes.

The smart rope is classified as a smart fitness gadget as it uses sensors to track your workout. The idea is that you can pair these ropes with their corresponding app for your smartphone, and then you can look at the data and use that to improve your workout.

Improve Your Form and Results with a Home Gym Mirror

One of the things that every gym has to offer is large mirrors on the wall so you can watch your movements and training and ensure you’re doing everything correctly. So, let’s take that basic concept and again inject it with some high-tech gadgets.

The result is the interactive home gym mirror, which is meant to act as a smart fitness gadget. This one actually connects you with personal trainers that can guide you in your working out in an interactive way. You’ll feel like you’re at the gym training, but instead, you are at home in your own house.

Keep in mind that this one will need a high-speed internet connection to work smoothly, as this allows you to connect to your trainer. You’ll be able to choose from a huge variety of live workouts, which keeps things fresh each day – and this is just scraping the surface of what this style of a smart device can achieve.

Prepare to Elevate Your Passion for Sports

The one thing that each of these high-tech gadgets has in common is the fact they will all be able to elevate your passion for sports. Just because you may be stuck at home, for the time being, doesn’t mean sports and fitness has to take a backseat; it’s just about finding some creative high-tech solutions.