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Threads Rolls Out Hashtags Globally, Ditching the Hash Symbol

Meta’s social networking app, Threads, has received a significant update with the introduction of hashtags, but with a twist – they come without the traditional hash symbol (#). This new feature, which began rolling out globally on December 8, 2023, allows users to tag a single topic per post, aiming to improve content organization and combat tag spam.

Key Highlights:

  • Threads, Meta’s close friends app, is now rolling out hashtags globally.
  • The new feature allows users to tag a single topic per post.
  • This move aims to prevent tag spam and improve content organization.
  • Threads initially tested the tag feature in Australia before the global launch.

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A New Way to Organize Content

Prior to the introduction of tags, Threads relied solely on keywords and mentions for content discovery. However, this approach had limitations, as it could lead to cluttered conversations and difficulty finding specific topics. The new tag feature addresses this issue by providing a dedicated space for users to categorize their posts.

By adding a single tag to their posts, users can now make their content more discoverable for others interested in the same topic. This can be particularly helpful for finding discussions and updates on specific events, interests, or communities within the app.

Combating Tag Spam

Another key benefit of the new tag system is its potential to reduce tag spam. Unlike traditional hashtags, which can be easily abused by users trying to gain visibility, Threads’ single-tag approach makes it more difficult to spam the platform.

Furthermore, the absence of the hash symbol helps to maintain the clean and minimalist aesthetic of the app, which is a core aspect of the Threads experience.

Global Rollout Following Successful Test

The tag feature was initially tested in Australia in November 2023. Based on the positive feedback and successful results, Meta decided to roll out the feature globally. This demonstrates Meta‘s commitment to continuously improving the Threads experience and making it a more engaging platform for users.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of tags represents a significant step forward for Threads. This new feature has the potential to enhance content discovery, improve organization, and combat spam, ultimately making the app a more valuable tool for users. As the feature continues to roll out globally, it will be interesting to see how users adapt and integrate it into their everyday interactions on Threads.