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This World Mental Health Day, tune into Audible to enjoy its Top 7 audiobooks on improving Mental Health

Every year, October 10th is observed as World Mental Health Day across the globe, a day to remind everyone about the significance of ensuring good mental health for themselves. We often overlook how imperative it is to take care of one’s mental health, manage stress, and mindfully cultivate positive thoughts and actions to make an optimistic change in our lives. For this World Mental Health Day, Audible shares a list of the top 7 audiobooks that discuss mental health and ways to take care of it. So DON’T WAIT and START LISTENING!

Habits for Happiness

Who doesn’t like to be happy? In fact, all of us strive to attain that ultimate happiness in life. Written by Dr Tim Sharp and narrated by Sameer Goswami, this audiobook on Audible is an upbeat step-by-step guide on building blocks for personal happiness. These practical strategies and habits can significantly help anyone who wishes to live their lives by being the happiest.

Attaining Work-Life- Mind Balance with Om Swami

Nowadays, people complain a lot about not being able to strike a balance between work and life which eventually disturbs the whole balance of life. Do you face the same issue? Listen to Om Swami’s tips to achieve a critical balance in your life through this audiobook.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before

Written and narrated by Julie Smith, a clinical psychologist with years of experience, guides the listeners to optimize mental health by sharing expert advice and powerful coping techniques to deal with life, which is unpredictable in every sense. Find tips to tackle everyday issues like anxiety, low mood, lack of confidence etc. with this audiobook on Audible to stay strong and resilient to face any challenge.

Koshish: Ek Behtar Zindagi Ki

An interesting title, where the narrator and author Ashish Bagrecha takes listeners through his life, his brave journey of battling through depression, anxiety and other critical illness and how he became one of the best-selling authors of today. His anecdotes and learnings would be a great listening experience and inspiration to any listener.

A Guide to Stress Free Living

Almost everyone deals with a difficult situation at some point in life, which can get too overwhelming. Through this podcast on Audible, writer and narrator Om Swami shares his thoughts and some simple tips to deal with the challenges thrown at us by life.

Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel

Written and narrated by Ashish Bagrecha, this beautiful curation of letters and poems is a direct conversation between the narrator and the listeners to make them feel that they are not alone in the process of coping with depression, anxiety and all the negativity in life. He takes the listeners through his journey of dealing with pain and suffering, which almost everyone can relate to and learn from.

Happiness Decoded

Written and narrated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace and human values, shares his wisdom to guide the listeners to come out of the web of negativity and create joy and happiness in life.  Listen to these simple and effective tips from the man who has inspired millions to live life to the fullest.