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This is the Reason Mobile is the Next Big Thing of Gaming

Depending on where you are in the world, you might not be allowed to go out and immerse yourself in huge crowds of people just yet. But if you ever get the opportunity to be amidst other people again, try to pause and take a look around you. Try to notice what everyone is doing. Heck, think back to the last time that you were hanging out in a cafe or at a park. Were people looking down on their phones? We’re willing to bet that the answer to that question is yes.

And of the people who seem so lost and engrossed in their gadgets, a huge bulk of them are likely to be playing video games. It’s not a secret that mobile gaming is slowly sweeping the world. Whether it be simple strategy games, first-person shooters, or online casino games, there’s always something for everyone. In the past, the gaming space used to be dominated by consoles and PCs. But many industry leaders are fascinated by the growth of mobile gaming and how much of the market share that it’s starting to eat up. This article is going to take a deeper dive into mobile gaming and its potential impact on the gaming industry as a whole.

A Haven for Revenue

If you’re still not convinced that the mobile gaming market is a fast-growing industry, then maybe a few of these facts and figures might be able to change your mind. In 2012, the total global revenue for mobile gaming was around $12.7 billion. Even by today’s standards, that’s a considerably high amount. But over the course of a decade, the global gaming industry has ballooned up to become an industry that’s worth more than $106 billion. Even as early as 2018, global statistics showed that the revenue for mobile gaming eclipsed the revenue for PC and console gaming combined. With that kind of performance over the years, it’s hard to see how gaming isn’t going to experience the same kind of trajectory moving forward, especially since technology is allowing for more immersive gameplay on mobile devices with each passing day.

A Big Market

It’s also no secret that the rise of the global mobile gaming market is directly attached to the rise of smartphones. With each passing year, more and more smartphones (and other mobile devices) are being placed into the hands of the mass public. Of course, people will buy their smartphones for a variety of different reasons. Some of them may not even be connected to gaming at all. A lot of people will purchase their phones for the camera or for product purchases. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a huge bulk of people who are looking to use their phones as gaming devices. It’s just amazing how convenient it is for people to play their games nowadays. We’re not even talking about the tablets that are being sold today yet. Tablets even offer more gaming value because of their larger screen size and powerful processors.

How Does Mobile Gaming Make its Money?

There are quite a few ways wherein game developers can make their money. The first is through advertising. Typically, games that have integrated advertising are available for users to play for free. This means that gamers can enjoy the games without having to shell out any cash. But advertisers will pay the developers for their products or services to be featured in their gaming space. The next way that game developers can make money is through single-payments. Typically, players will pay an upfront fee to download an ad-free version of the game. And that’s that. But there is also something that is referred to as in-app purchases. These are essentially small purchases that gamers can make within the game to enhance their overall gaming experience. There are also other games that offer a subscription-based monetization model wherein they have their users pay a regular fee in order to gain access to the game.

Some Criticisms on Mobile Gaming

Of course, the industry still has its fair share of criticisms, particularly from die-hard fans of other gaming platforms like PCs and consoles. Mobile gaming is often dubbed as a casual form of gaming because of its inferior hardware and gameplay. But while that criticism may be valid, it still doesn’t disprove the fact that there is a lot of money to be had in this space.

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