Things you should keep in mind while buying a Speaker

The Nationwide lockdown has impacted our summer outings, holidays, vacation with friends and family to the desired hill station, and grooving on favorite music tracks. Unfortunately, 2020 has other plans for all of us. Still, planning a small get together at your rooftop and partying all night sounds like a good idea. We all have been thinking of enjoying at our home space and wondering which speaker will set the mood or how you are going to pass this quarantine with the opening of stores and online market, searching for the best portable speaker available in the market. This is a moment to enjoy and relax our minds with family members, preventing ourselves from the ongoing pandemic.

Speakers come in a mind-boggling variety, so how come you choose the right one? The numerous shapes and sizes, the specifications and pricing, etc. all these factors can make the selection as an insurmountable task.

The most noteworthy factor you should keep in mind while purchasing a speaker is the purpose and what type of speaker would best befit that purpose.

 Here’s a look at five factors to consider before purchasing speakers:

  1. Sound Quality

Audio often depends on how you personally like it. While some prefer bass-heavy audio, many others like a more uniform balance of audio. Tuning into unrecorded music is a decent check for assessing speakers. The music should sound normal to your ears, have a decent tone quality and it should be easy to enjoy for a long period without fatigue.

  1. Signal-to-Noise ratio

The sound that a speaker produces isn’t liberated from the clamor. The “sound signs” which converts it into the sound, that we hear are not by any means the only waves present. The internal sections of the speaker add a dash of an uproar to those “sound signs”. Communicated in decibels (dB), this demonstrates how much clamor there are in the yield in connection to the sign level. A higher ration means lesser noise. Sign to Noise Ratio should be considered as one of the elements while purchasing a speaker.

  1. Battery Life

Definitely you don’t want a speaker that runs out of charge too soon!

Don’t forget to check the battery backup whenever you are going to buy a speaker. You are going to regret this later if your speaker does not provide you at least 12-24 hours of backup. We are sure you don’t want to ruin any party because of low battery backup.

  1. Portability and Wireless Frequency

Wireless speakers can remain connected to a source device flawlessly across at least 30 feet. Make sure to check the frequency of the speaker you are going to buy.

  1. Rooms and Acoustics / Sound Output

Not all kinds of speakers will sound great within the chosen area. Deciding what speakers are best for you depends on your room size and other requirements.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to purchasing speakers, but in the end, the right speakers are the ones that sound good to you.

This article is authored by Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy.