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Things you can do on your new Laptop for starters

It’s that time again. The time that comes once every few years where you feel your laptop starting to lag behind and slow down when dealing with simple menial tasks. It’s something that sadly can’t be avoided. Devices weren’t made to last forever and we have to say goodbye to our old laptop and find a new one to take its place.

So, you start doing your research and check out a few online shops that seem to have pretty good offers and see something that catches your eye. You tread carefully and decide on a machine that best suits your financial situation and current tech needs. And then comes the inevitable, once you have it and it’s all set up, you have no idea what to do with it. Here are a few suggestions.

Play an Online Jackpot

You just bought a new laptop which means that you’ve probably already made a sizable dent in your wallet. You’re also pretty bored and have no idea what to do with your new laptop. So, why not try checking out an online casino. This way you can kill some time by playing a round or two of poker and maybe even make a few bucks doing it. Online casino websites can be a lot of fun as they provide a variety of games you can pick and choose from, and if you don’t feel ready to play for real money yet you can always try out the games for free.

If you’re located in India then you’re in luck. These websites offer great bonuses for both newcomers and loyal customers. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to win the best online jackpot India has ever seen.

Learn a New Skill

students studying

If you have time to waste then why not waste it on something that you might have some use of in the future? There are tons of options out there to choose from if you want to pick up a new skill. You can try many of the online course providers such as Coursera, Udemy and edX which offer great programs in a variety of fields. A fresh new laptop might be the perfect excuse for you to finally start learning how to code or design the best prints as a graphic designer.

While online course providers are great, they can sometimes cost a lot of money and stick to strict schedules. If you don’t think this is for you, then use the vastness of the internet to your advantage. There’s a ton of free material out there you can easily find with a quick google search, and YouTube is always there for you when you need instructions in video format.

Check out Some New Game Releases

If you have a passion for playing video games then no doubt the laptop you just got is a gaming beast. Take a look at the newest game releases and see if any of them seem to grab your attention. It’s always nice to take some time to sit back and relax with some mindless entertainment. Wasting a few hours on a shooter, or immersing yourself in a new world with a great MMORPG is one of the best ways to do that.

If your new laptop can’t run the newest games but you still want to give gaming a go, take a look at the older game releases, and see if some that you might have missed look interesting. Just because they’re not shiny and new doesn’t mean that they’re not up to par.

Watch a TV Show


If you’re all out of ideas then why not just go for the easiest answer. If you have an account on any of the major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or HBO GO, you can simply open them up on your laptop and catch up with some of the most popular TV shows that are currently out. This way you have a great conversation starter for the next time you hang out with your friends.

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