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Things to consider before choosing the Right Printer

If you have a home computer or run a business you may be in need of a new printer. Maybe you’ve never needed to own one before or maybe your printer is just getting to the end of its life. When you need a new printer, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the massive choice on the market. That’s why we have put together some handy info and helpful tips on how to choose the right printer for you. Keep reading to find out more.

The Purpose

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a printer is what you are going to be using it for. For example, if you’re using it for your all of your office printing you might need a different model than one that you are only using occasionally at home. There are lots of factors to consider when at this stage like how fast you need it to be, what sort of image quality you require and any other features you need (like a scanner for example).

Type of Printer

Although we have already touched on it, we’d like to highlight that you need to choose exactly which type of printer that you want. After you have established the purpose, you can choose between an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

Laser printers tend to be best if you are working in an office that needs to have things printed fast and mainly in black and white. You can get laser printers that offer colored printing, but you will need to sacrifice the low-cost element that a laser printer usually offers.

Inkjet printers are slightly different than laser printers as they offer to print for all sorts of things. They mostly have monochrome or colored options and are great for use at home. Although in the past they would be known for having a slow print speed, newer models have managed to improve the reputation of inkjet printers.

Once you have considered all of these things, you can start to look at the best printers on the market. We included some info on some for you below.

Canon Pixma TS8050

Our first choice printer is the Canon Pixma TS8050 which will do everything you need. It offers a print speed of 15 ppm in black and 10 ppm in color. It prints on lots of different sizes of paper and is compact in size. This printer is also great when it comes to both the cost of buying and running it. Its compact size means to transport it and print when and where you need to.

Brother DCP-9020CDW

If you’re looking for a laserjet printer then the Brother DCP-9020CDW might be the one for you. This printer is a bit larger than the previous one, but it is great for printing both in color and black & white. It has a capacity of 250 sheets, so you don’t need to worry about changing the paper too often. And even better, this printer also offers automatic duplexing, so you can save money on paper without having to lift a finger.

Samsung Xpress M2070W

If you’re looking for a small and lightweight printer, Samsung has the wallet-friendly one for you with their Xpress M2070W. This printer is great for all of your immediate printing needs and even offers an excellent eco mode!

HP Deskjet 3630

Our final recommendation for you when it comes to printing is a slightly lower cost option. This is the HP Deskjet 3630 which is compact, holding only 60 sheets. This is a great option as, despite the fact that is slightly less expensive than other HP models, it still offers decent quality printing. This printer would be great for your home if you only print occasionally and don’t want to spend too much.

Buying Ink

Once you’ve chosen your printer, you’ll need to buy some ink. Make sure to have a look at ink cartridges online as well as instore to get the best price. Ink can be expensive depending on which type of printer you buy so make sure to take advantage of any offers.

Our Verdict

Depending on what your printing needs are, we think that you should think carefully about whether you need a laser or an inkjet printer. Make sure not to spend a lot on a printer if you won’t be using it much. At the same time, we advise you to invest your money in a more expensive model if you are likely to be printing a lot every day.

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