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Things that are fuelling the growth of the eSports industry

The new age of gaming is the virtual world of eSports. Not only does it bring great new ways to interact with the digital realm, but gamers are also able to lose themselves entirely, for the virtual world that this form of gaming brings. Whether you are there for the tech minds and innovation behind it, or you are more of the eSport gambler, the industry has undoubtedly become unbreakable. Smashing every record made yet, this industry promises to continue to surpass the norm, and create new surprises for gaming fanatics all over the world.

If you are one to enjoy the pleasures of eSports gambling, you will most likely know how far the gambling sector has managed to intertwine itself within this industry. Every single day, there are new eSports betting sites being established and introduced to the market. If you are on the market for a new gem, make sure to review our selections of the Best eSports Betting Sites in the industry right now. 

5G has been introduced 

5G has landed. It is a crucial contribution to the world of eSports, and will offer faster and more seamless latency, which should give that edge against other competing markets at present. Especially when it comes to the new Esports trending games, all of these have been optimised for technological adaptations, meaning it pretty much makes a perfect harmony for gaming environments to flourish. While technologically, not many will understand specifically what the upgrade in internet speeds can do, let’s just say that your gaming reaction time will speed up from 20 milliseconds, all the way down to 5 milliseconds. Whether players win or lose, this is an advanced experience regardless, and definitely deserves to be spoken about more.

Cloud technology within the eSports industry 

The eSports industry constantly needs a feed of data to maintain gaming quality. That we know of. The introduction of Cloud technology for eSports will allow users to maintain a high level of gaming in their sessions, regardless of how behind devices are (technologically). This means that even if you ever lose your devices, suffer a malfunction etc. your data is always stored and recoverable, meaning every player no longer has any excuse when it comes to ghosting away due to inevitable circumstances. This definitely should excel gamers into the eSports industry more than ever.

Some of the biggest games in the industry right now all rely on cloud storage so that players can make sure to always keep up to date and manage their gaming e.g. League of Legends, Fortnite and Overwatch.

Digital marketing and influencer outreach

Nobody even needs to explain how influencer marketing has become the biggest aid to brand identity and evolution. This definitely applies to the eSport industry too. In fact, having gaming influencers out there on a pedestal, who often stream their gaming experiences and brand associations, helps push more and more gamers into the niche of gaming. We all have heard of Twitch gaming, amongst other platforms. These have become some of the most effective tools to market gaming and increase key performance indicators for branding strategies.

Currently, gaming influencer marketing is worth £6 billion, however, it is estimated to more than triple, by the end of 2025. The growth rate of marketing gaming channels through this procedure has proven successful in itself. It is the reason why eSports has managed to escalate in popularity in so little time. Therefore, it makes every sense how this digital strategy will only prioritise eSports gaming even further down the line. It is all just a matter of time.

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