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The VR Website Wave: Ride it or be left behind


A dazzling future awaits VR. Spending on VR tech is forecasted to reach $9.2 Billion by 2021. This comes as no surprise: 3D tech is a compelling technology which allows us to surpass the boundaries of reality and enter another dimension where you can go anywhere in the world, to places that existed hundreds of years ago or places that never existed.

VR is expected to enter more and more areas of our life, in both work and play aspects. 3D technology will soon develop extremely realistic experiences. The Internet will not remain in 2D for much longer. Browsers, both mobile and desktop, now support VR, as do many social networks. Graphics tools and network speed have reached heights that can comfortably accommodate VR, so now we can all enjoy the results.

The VR Website Serves So Many Industries


With these possibilities available, 3D gives businesses the chance to provide their customers with amazing experiences as never before. VR websites can serve a variety of business industries: A photographer can showcase her 3D art in a spectacular way with her audience; a boutique hotel can take its potential visitors on an immersive virtual tour through the lobby, suites, restaurant, and pool – all the way to the Booking button. A water park could give potential visitors a feel of riding down the highest waterslide, and an exotic spa could allow potential visitors to experience the calm and luxury of being on the premises. Even e-commerce websites can benefit from VR. Instead of just viewing a flat image that doesn’t come close to a reflection of the product, users can now view and access products as they really appear and make better decisions. This can serve to heighten customer satisfaction and minimize returns.

Illustrating and Enticing

The VR website enhances your client’s experience by allowing people to step into a larger than life environment, creating a deeper more meaningful bond, and a resulting buzz. As long as VR is used as a substantial element and not just a gimmick, you’re geared for success.

VR websites can be used to illustrate ideas and concepts about new products, in a way that traditional media or words never could. When a person actually experiences your product, it’s the clearest, most memorable experience ever.

Not just the websites, but also the ads leading to these websites can be enhanced in VR, which opens up a rainbow of exciting new possibilities. Users can now view ads in 3D, driving their engagement with the ad, and hiking up conversions on the way to the 3D website.

So What Now?

Clearly, there’s really no limit to the kinds of amazing experiences VR can offer. When a wave of this magnitude comes along, it’s better to ride it than wait for it to pass over. Create your VR website and step into the future now