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The Ultimate Guide Cable Management for your PC

Many people make the mistake of thinking that cables are an insignificant part of computers. However, they should be viewed as the makeshift veins of a machine, powering everything within in an efficient fashion. While many people experience numerous dilemmas when it comes to their PC, it’s the cables themselves that often go overlooked.

The computer’s cables needed to be well-managed; but how can this be done? Is it easy, or does it demand a great deal of time and energy to pull off?

Consequently, here’s the ultimate guide to cable management for your PC.

Under Furniture, Off the Floor

It’s important that your cables don’t become an obstruction in your household or place of work. For all intents and purposes, they should almost be forgotten about and obscured from view as much as possible. In turn, this will mean they won’t become a bother for the people around you and generally make the environment around you seem much smarter and safer.

Therefore, you should do your best to keep your cables restricted to certain areas; namely under your desk and off the floor. This will eliminate trip hazards, and if you’re at home, the chance of pets or young kids messing around with them. Cables might seem harmless, but they extremely dangerous if they’re misused. Keep them out of sight!

Spaced Out

As well as being kept out of sight, cables should also be kept a short distance apart from one another. If they’re clustered together, they can become entangled, knotted, and bent into angles where their connectivity is interfered with. It’s also possible that nearby components could become overheated if all your cables are bunched up together in close quarters.

Try to make sure that there’s lots of room between cables. That way, it’s easier to track what each individual cable leads to and powers, and it makes things more efficient when identifying any faulty cables in the future if/when problems arise. If you maintain a spacious cable area, things will be much more organised and easier to observe.

Cable Ties

While maintaining spacious and hidden cables seems easy enough, it can be rather difficult at all times too. With computers, monitors speakers and keyboards all being wired up to the computer, sometimes the angles of the connection can mean that your cables get bent, twisted out of shape, and entangled together anyway! Suddenly, a sprawling jungle of cables is upon you, and it all looks very messy and chaotic.

You can keep things more organised here by utilising cable ties from RS Components, which will safely bunch your cables together in a smart and controlled fashion. You can then go about enforcing a controlled area of the computer and have a much easier time to maintaining a smart, hazard-free environment.

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