The Ultimate Checklist for Super-Dads: Father’s Day Special

Like moms, dads bring their own unique and essential “superpowers” to the home. Dads are usually the first heroes for their children, always there to take care of them, protect them, cheer for them, and provide for them. Their influence on the kids today is unmatched as they assume the role of equal partnership at home and play an increasingly active role in the daily, household chores.

For any superhero having extraordinary powers is normal, and why should that be any different for Super-Dads. Below are some gadgets that make the Super-Dad’s, super, each day!

  1. The Power to Refresh:

What’s better than a refreshing glass of fresh juice after a long and tiring day at school, college, or playground? Working from home dads just need the convenient, quick, and efficient Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder HL 7568/00. It’s an easy to use and hassle-free, compact size, JMG for modern day kitchens. It has an innovative and distinct design where juicing and waste collection takes place in a single chamber. Thus, reducing the time and effort required to assemble and clean multiple parts. The 500W powerful motor supports faster juicing, so you get a healthy juice in less than 45 secs, and mommy doesn’t yell for ruining the kitchen!

  1. The Power to Healthy Snacking:

Covid and lockdown has brought about a chef in most of us and for all the dads who have taken up cooking in these times, Philips Digital XL Airfryer HD9270/70 is love at first fry! Need to whip up a quick yet healthy bite for kids? Super dads can cook delicious meals such as french fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, bread roll, crispy chicken wings, all quick and easy without the fuss and use of excessive oil. The Philips Airfryer can bake, grill, and roast with minimal use of oil in your dishes. Enjoy the healthy food that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to its Rapid Air Technology.

  1. The Power to be on Point:

Who said dads can’t match up to mommy standards when it comes to dressing up kids? Yes, it may be hilarious at times to watch the fun ways, father’s dress their children but whatever clothes they chose, the Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer is going to come in handy. If not anything else, children are sure to wear clean, crisp and wrinkle-free clothes. It offers quick, efficient, and powerful results with just a few strokes. Built to keep safety first, the Philips Garment Steamer features a unique steam mechanism and auto-temperature setting that assures a no-burn guarantee, making it a highly reliable device. No more creased uniforms for school!

  1. The Power to bring Joy:

Festivals or birthdays there is always a cake to celebrate. Super-Dad can now help in making the yummiest cakes, muffins, baked pastas at the comfort of their homes with the Philips OTG HD6975/00 that is enabled with 10 customized one touch preset menus & programmed with Opti Temp technology for healthy & joyful cooking and allows up to 10% higher nutrient retention and up to 2x crispier cookies & uniformly baked cakes.

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