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The types of slot machine games that you can play and what is a slot tournament

Whether you’re a beginner or not when it comes to gambling online, playing the slot machine is something that you most likely do to have fun. It’s an easy and uncomplicated game. It doesn’t require much learning to play it It’s direct and everyone can easily enjoy it.

You can always play slots online at real money casinos. This means that you can place bets and win actual and big money from this game. In fact, the biggest online casino wins are produced by progressive slot machines.

There are thousands of slot machine games that you can choose from on the internet. It’s no longer spin and win or lose kind of game. There are many varieties and twists that are added to it. You won’t get easily bored from playing online slots anymore.

Now, you probably didn’t know that there are different types of slot machine games that you can play. Here, we will discuss what they are so that the next time you play a game of slot, or even if it’s your first time playing one, you know what you’re dealing with.

  • Multiplier Slot Machines

This is the most commonly played type of slot machine game. For a Multiplier slot machine game, you can already get a winning combination by getting one same row. Straight multiplier slot games can pay you the same amount of money for a winning combination that you get and for each coin that you play with.

For example, you choose a two-coin Double Diamond machine. You can get 800 coins for three Double Diamond Symbols for playing with just one coin at a time. If you play with two coins and you get three Double Diamond Symbols, you can then get twice the number of your coins or 1600 if you have 800.

A Bonus Multiplier slot game works the same way. The difference is that you get to have a bonus if you play with a full coin. You can basically win more if you play this kind of multiplier slot machine game. You can get extra coins of up to 100, depending on the bonus that the machine offers.

  • Buy-A-Pay or Option-Buy Slot Machines

For this type of slot machine game, you will need to deposit a full coin to be able to activate all the possible winning combinations. This has quite a bad reputation as this kind of slot machine game usually gets players by surprise.

This is why it’s important that you know well how this works. There are players of this slot machine game that doesn’t understand why they don’t get a payout for a result that they think is a winning combination.

There are also times when players would accidentally spin with less than a full coin. If this happens, even if they appear to get a winning combination, that combination may not have been unlocked because they didn’t use a full coin.

For this kind of game, you can get a coin for a winning combination that can be activated with two coins. It can pay less than a push but it can have a high hit frequency. What’s just really important about this kind of slot machine game is that you make sure you’re betting a full coin.

  • Hybrids

If you want to experience both multiplier and Buy-A-Pay slot machine games, then look for this. This type of slot game would usually require three coins. There are instances that it would require more than 3 coins but what’s for sure is that it’s never less than that.

When it comes to how this works, typically, it is the second coin that multiplies the payouts from the first coin. The third coin is what you use to buy a new winning combination. The roles of these coins can sometimes switch too. There are also times that the third coin is what you’d use to get a bonus.

Now, if you already have decided on the type of slot machine games that you’d rather play, you may want to decide on participating in slot tournaments. Yes, that’s right. There is such a thing. You probably have always thought that slot machine games are for single players only. But not really.

In a slot tournament, you get to compete with other players. This works by collecting as many game points for you to be considered a winner. A time frame limit is set and a leaderboard will be displayed to track everyone’s progress. Once the time is up, top-ranking players can split the prize pool, and usually, the prize in such competitions are high.

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