Web design is a skill that takes years of practice to ace properly. From learning about user experience to perfecting colour theory and typography, not everyone has what it takes to call themselves a professional web designer.

That’s why the best web designers stand out from the crowd for many reasons. They are rare to find but well worth hunting for, especially with the spectacular results they can deliver.

Here’s our guide on the traits that only the best web designers have to tell you more.

Passion for Their Craft

Like any product or service, you wish to access, there’s a difference between someone who only shows up to get paid versus someone who lives and breathes every aspect of what they do. Even though the best web designers will charge more for their services, cost alone should never be indicative of their talent. But an absolute determination to innovate and push the boundaries is.

The best web designers truly love what it is that they do. In fact, it doesn’t feel like work because it’s what comes naturally to them. They don’t settle for the ordinary, dated or the same boring styles that everyone else is doing. Instead, they look to carve out something different for each project. A portfolio with plenty of variety is a great sign to look out for here because it shows you, they don’t rely on the same old tricks.

Meticulous Eye for Detail

Details matter in design while building a website. From the correct colour use through to the right font sizes, and of course, a clean layout that’s easy to navigate – your web designer will be responsible for it all. If they aren’t on the ball looking for any mistakes, then these will slip through the net. Even if you don’t notice, your customers will. Such details can make your website look amateurish, which is not what you are paying for, especially if you hire the best…which is why the best would never allow that to happen!

Web designers will usually allow a certain number of changes. However, these shouldn’t include glaring errors which they should have picked up on your behalf. Reading the web designer’s previous client feedback can be extremely useful here, as you want to hire someone competent. As the designer, they should be the ones pointing out the errors (to themselves!) and not you.

Thirst for Learning

Just because a web designer graduated from university, or worked at a design studio that doesn’t mean to say the learning is over. Innovation never stops, especially in the world of design. The best web designers are curious humans. They read books, follow tutorials and are constantly learning new skills.

If they have a personal website, this can shed light on their interests. A great sign is someone who immerses themselves in other cultures and ideas. After all, web design is a global skill. They may be required to design a website for clients located in countries all around the world, for any number of different purposes. So, they need to be able to execute such briefs with ease.

Excellent Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter how brilliant someone is at designing if they can’t communicate effectively with their clients and colleagues. From dissecting the brief to giving the client updates about the project, clear and regular communication is essential.

The best web designers will have no issues discussing a brief in-person or over the phone with a client. Be wary of anyone who will only communicate through email or instant messaging, especially as this won’t verify their identity. Instead, they need to be a real human being who you can get hold of when needed.

To Sum Up

The best web designers genuinely love what it is they do. They show this by providing excellence to their clients at every turn.

By constantly evolving to create bigger and better things, the best web designers are only satisfied when they have given you an excellent outcome for your project.

If you factor in the above qualities when hiring, you can help ensure your website design gets the professional treatment that it deserves.