The top 5 skills that engineers must acquire in 2022 The top 5 skills that engineers must acquire in 2022

The top 5 skills that engineers must acquire in 2022

Since the onset of pandemic, enterprises across the globe have placed a greater emphasis on agility, culture, and purpose-driven leadership among their workforces. Rapid digital transformation has altered the work culture resulting in enterprises investing heavily in building digital infrastructure. This has brought digital skills at the forefront of organizations’ hiring mandate.

Below mentioned are the top 5 skillsets that are making engineers more employable:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) – Implementing AI or its subset ML is more than just a technology upgrade. It is a journey that an organization undertakes to achieve agility, cost-efficiency, and enhanced productivity. It focuses on building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. However, if the employees are not trained enough to use this technology then its implementation can fall flat, resulting in financial losses. Since this technology is built on data and its analysis, engineering students with the knowledge of data analytics, statistics, and probability can master it with practice.

Good knowledge of data visualization tools – With the proliferation of digital technologies, companies have begun to generate huge volume of data. It is difficult to process, manage, or use this data unless you have the right talent on-board. Such talent can streamline this data, and derive valuable insights to benefit the business. Data analysis requires working with data visualization tools to identify patterns and draw insights. Hence, a good working knowledge of these tools makes a candidate more desirable among employers.

Programming and Software Development – At the core of any tech product is programming. The core languages for programming are Java, Python, etc. A good understanding of these coding languages is a must for engineers as they would have to eventually develop software on the web or mobile.

Systematic and Analytical Reasoning – In order to make a successful career in today’s digitally driven business world, engineers need to develop and enhance their problem solving skills through systematic and analytical thinking.

Communication skills – Effective communication skills remain a must for graduates of any field to become successful professionals. Without good communications skills, employees will not be able to share their ideas effectively with their teams. They will not be able to pose right questions to get the necessary information.

As the workplace of today continues to evolve and transform at a rapid rate, fresh graduates need to keep pace, in order to thrive. They need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends of the business world and find avenues to acquire basic knowledge of the skillets that can make them employable and future-ready.