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The top 3 ways to acquire a significant other using Tech


Kids nowadays, as early as thirteen, may have already obtained a significant other or have someone in mind whom they consider the “love of their life”. So, if you are a thirty-three-year-old, single career woman, I can understand why you already have those butterflies fluttering around your stomach, and not in a good way. Or if you are a thirty-nine-year-old, a bit balding on the top and with a beer belly to boost, businessman, it can also be challenging to find a relationship. It indeed is hard to find a special someone or a significant other if you have a hectic schedule and a nonexistent social life.

Keep your head up as it is not the end of the line for you. Here are some tips on how you will catch the eye of that significant other that is meant for you.

  1.  Go out for some ladies’ night or bros’ night out.

Surprising as to how going out and meeting new people in the flesh is still the best way to meet that future partner of yours instead of just by clicking away on your laptop and checking them out on social media. Nothing beats the spark that happens when two strangers suddenly catch each other’s eyes and hold their gazes for a minute or two before finally looking away. The connection formed over a shot of martini or a glass of scotch on the rocks. The exciting conversations that occur over a sumptuous lunch by the bay.


A survey conducted this 2018 revealed that introduction through common friends took the top spot at meeting significant others. So, reconnect with your friends, go out for some ladies night, or booze the night away with your single brothers. Chances are they have a co-worker or distant relative or a new acquaintance that could be a perfect match for your “kinda” lonely heart.

  1.  Friend request received.

In a world where everything is just a click away, it is not shocking that social media platforms are the easiest way to check out your potential future. Thank heavens for the brains of Mark Zuckerberg, founders of various dating websites, and Dating Advice Guru which also gives us a thing or two about dating and stuff, as they have made online dating possible and enjoyable.  

Starting a love connection online might make a few, but hey, it is the most convenient way of finding someone. The only issue you have to be wary of is the honesty of the person on the other end of the keyboard. You cannot be too sure of the exchanges happening between the two of you as lying can be a whole lot easier when you are not face-to-face with the person you are trying to deceive.

  1.  Radiate positivity and happiness.

When you radiate positivity and happiness, people tend to gravitate towards you. You attract people and arouse their interest when you project an individual who is happy and successful. The world around is already full of negativity and toxicity that when people find someone who is a breath of fresh air, it is hard not to notice.  So be that ray of sunshine and let that significant one come to you.