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The Tech You Need to play Your Best Online iGaming

I would love to say that all you need to play at your best online casino is a laptop, some skills, and a lot of luck. But unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way anymore. You will definitely need a  lot more than the above. Don’t get me wrong, all those still apply, but the evolution of online casinos and new technology innovations means that you will need a bit more to play at your best.

Online casinos have evolved and expanded over the years. You are not just limited to slot machines with a static background. Live games, poker tables, and live sports betting and esports. The list is now almost endless. And with the evolution of the casino, so did the technology, yes you still need a PC or a smartphone, but the tech and software requirements have also gained muscle.

The global online casino market made over $40 billion in 2016; 40% of those online players were aged between 21 and 34 years. How is this relevant to technology in online casinos? You may wonder, well, this age group is innovative and always looking to do things more conveniently.

On your PC

In the early days, everyone used dial-up to connect to the internet. For playing online casinos, this system was slow and had many glitches. For example, the screen could freeze and lock you out of the site. Or the site would not download at all.

For poker sites, this was a nightmare as the platform had to handle thousands of players daily. This would lead to the site crashing and players losing their wagers.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and we now have internet connection from fibre, ADSL, and wireless connections. Online casinos own their servers, and everyone can be online easily and without constraints to find new free spins and bonus spins offers on the market and fun slots and table games.

PC’s come standard with Microsoft DOS operating systems and Microsoft Windows hardware. These allow you to do the basics on your PC and connect to the internet. To perform more complex tasks like live video streaming, you need to have specific application software.

For online casino gambling,, virtual reality software would be necessary to get. A virtual machine such as Virtual Box would be ideal for playing online poker or being part of live games in the casino. Virtual technology can share a network with a large number of virtual environments.

The best part about virtual machines is that they are not actual machines but rather computer files that just need to be integrated into your computer programme. Another requirement for live games is a camera, and that comes standard in most laptops and some PCs, but if not, it’s just a matter of attaching one to the top of your screen.

Most online casinos use a game control unit to encode video feed and assist the dealer in running a live game.

On your Mobile

Gambling online is not limited to PCs only, and as we know, smartphones and tablets are mini computers. It would have been redundant for online casinos not to grab the opportunity of mobile casinos.

The Best Tech For Mobile Casino Playing


This is the kind of technology that has made it possible for us to have casinos in our hands. All phones come with HTML %, which allows us to connect to sites and networks.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps make it easier to play your favourite casino games, deposit cash and make withdrawals.

Here are the best smartphones to use for a great online casino experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Exynos 8895 system-on-a-chip tech can handle huge tasks like live rooms( think poker and blackjack). The phone runs on 4G technology which means faster speed, and it has a widescreen which is great for graphics.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This phone runs on iOS 13, and its A13 Bionic processor allows you to play all forms of mobile casino games without compromising on sound, visuals, or download speed. It has some degree of water resistance, so if winning a really big jackpot makes you drop the phone in the bathwater, it is still relatively safe.


With the advancement of technology and new digital innovations came a new risk, cybercrime. This includes fraud, identity theft, and phishing. The standard secure socket layer (SSL) stops cybercriminals from accessing your payment information, such as credit card information. When making payments or withdrawals, always make sure the padlock symbol is visible on the site.

You cant be focused on your game or wagers if you are worried about a criminal accessing your money or stealing your identity.

Blockchain technology allows players to use cryptocurrencies to play at online casinos.


Always update to the latest version of your phone’s OS or your computer’s program. When you get a software update reminder, don’t just press later. Keep yourself updated with new digital innovations and have fun playing.

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