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The Tech that powers Online Bingo Sites

In online Bingo, a lot of people do not perhaps realise the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, especially with regards to how the sites themselves function. With so many different bingo games available to play, and different innovative features, such as chat rooms, all of these require a substantial amount of technology. Let’s take a look at the different elements taken into consideration as well as some of the software providers.

Machine Learning

This has become an important, yet advanced part of business as a whole and while predominantly used in the finance industry, gambling companies have started to invest heavily in this technology. This is fundamentally a practice that uses advanced algorithms to perform a task, such as in online bingo, to understand player behaviour so that sites can better tailor their services to a player’s preference. While the surface has barely been scratched in terms of what can be achieved in online bingo with the use of machine learning, it can certainly play a major part in the future.

RNG Technology

You may have heard about this being referred to as Random Number Generator, which is essentially a sophisticated algorithm that makes sure the bingo games are fair. This algorithm is programmed in a way so that it has no memory of which number appeared last, so there is no particular bias towards a certain ticket/player. In the online gambling industry which is continuing to evolve, this technology was a game-changer because it practically enabled sites to operate.

Software Providers

While some players might think that the brands themselves power the actual sites, it is mainly software providers who do this and they keep each site running, while also maintaining and fixing any problems. These providers design the games and each one has its own unique selling point. All new bingo sites that the best software providers look after can be found at bingosites.co.uk. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main ones.


This is arguably one of the biggest software providers in the gambling industry and has evolved into developing bingo games over the years, with a portfolio of sites under its responsibility.

Virtual Fusion

Owned by industry giant Playtech, this is the software provider’s bingo division which helps to supply and power bingo games for a number of top brands in the online bingo marketplace.

Jumpman Gaming

Incorporated in 2016, this software provider keeps on growing and has a number of brands that it provides games for and looks after on a regular basis. Being new, they are particularly innovative when it comes to their products.

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