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The shift from PC and Mac to Android and iOS has begun

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Players across the gaming spectrum – MMOs such as Clash of Clans and social games like Angry Birds to the online casino and sports betting – are choosing comfort and practicality above all else. Gamers are switching from their PC desks to the comforts of their sofas whilst for the first time, gaming companies are designing their games specifically for mobile and tablet devices.

For the first time in history, the number of mobile gamers has surpassed any other form of gaming. Thanks to hugely popular mobile games such as PUGB, Pokémon GO, and Fortnite, video gaming companies in 2019 have figured out that the way to people’s hearts (and wallets) is through mobile gaming.

The average person spends a total of four hours per day on their mobile phone or tablet. If you do the math, this adds up to around 60 full days per year. So, it is no wonder that companies are now targeting mobile phone and tablet users.

Why the Shift?

Super intelligent and sophisticated smartphones, particularly Android and iOS devices, have taken the world by storm. The younger generation especially is glued to their mobile and tablet screens. On their mobile devices, they can watch the latest movies as well as their favourite TV shows, they can talk to their friends, update their social media accounts and play their favourite games. Gamers are now able to do everything on their mobile devices as they could on their PCs and consoles, only now they aren’t restricted to a certain location. Waiting for a bus? Why not load up some Pokémon Go. At the barbers? Let’s put a bet on the 12:30 pm Saturday kick-off or play some online casino on-the-go.

Clearly, being able to play-on-the-go is much more appealing to people than telling them they must be restricted to a computer chair. With that being said, it is for this reason why tech companies are shuttling a greater amount of their resources into mobile and tablet technology and it is why gaming companies are concentrating their resources into creating games for on-the-go users.

Tech companies especially have been adapting to the surge of mobile phone use over the past decade. Apps have become part and parcel of people’s everyday lives. We use apps to set our alarms in the morning and to set our daily schedules including; dietary plans and gym schedules amongst a variety of other things. Apps are even used to manage our health, such as the scope of technology companies in 2019.

The Stats

Mobile gaming in 2019 is a $68.5 billion global business according to the leading Technology website, TechCrunch. By the end of 2019, 45% of the global gaming markets estimated worth is set to come directly from mobile games. Thanks to online stream sharing platforms such as Twitch, the popularity of gaming, especially mobile gaming has never been higher. In the USA, people are spending more time looking at their mobile phone screens than they are watching their televisions.

Market research website Newzoo states that mobile gamers will help to push 2.4 billion people to play games in 2019. By 2021, mobile gamers are expected to grow to 59% of the total gaming market. A quite astonishing number given that the past several decades has seen gamers primarily stick to PCs and consoles.

It is not only the gaming market that is switching stance to accommodate the mobile audience. The majority of online companies are building their websites first and foremost for their mobile visitors. Mobile audiences are usually monetized at higher rates than any other audiences whilst a greater number of users are switching from their PCs to their mobiles and tablets throughout a variety of different industries.

Online Gaming websites

Numerous online gaming websites are turning their attentions to mobile phone users because of the ever-increasing trend of people that are switching to these platforms. The iGaming industry which includes esports, online casinos, and sports betting is transparent on which market to target.

“The online casino segment of the iGaming sector has been clear on what types of players it should target for the past few years now,” states Sebastian Lindt from the UK based online casino, PlayFrank.

“The amount of mobile phone and tablet users that are playing on our website has begun to eclipse the rest. It is no secret that mobile and tablet players will continue to grow in the iGaming sector. Our rivals know that and so do we.”

These same websites are also using gamification techniques in order to keep players interested and playing. Gamification centres around making a typically boring task more entertaining and is based on behavioural psychology techniques. Overall, websites are able to use these techniques in order to increase player loyalty whilst players enjoy the entertainment provided by gamification.

A mobile future?

If stats are anything to go by, the future is looking like a mobile one. Are people getting lazier? Perhaps. Is this technologies fault? It could be. Can tech companies do anything about this? Why should they? Technology companies, well, all companies for that matter, adapt to what the customer wants. If customers, whether they are gamers or health fanatics, want to use their mobile devices in order to game from the comfort of their own home or use their mobile device as their own personal trainer, then companies are going to give them what they want.

On the other hand, the future is hard to predict, especially when it comes to technology. Who really knows what type of technology we could have in five years’ time, although the likelihood is that technology will ensure that people’s lives are easier, rather than more difficult – hopefully.

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