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The Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever

The value of the CS:GO is as subtle as the skins. In order to fathom their quality, you will not be able to touch them. As a matter of fact, you will not even secure any advantages from it in the game. It will only provide you with great visual effects. However, the surprising fact is that the skins cost you real money. Some of them are available for a few cents while the others in a few dollars. Also, playing games on computers with mechanical keyboards give a much better experience and consistency when compared to the normal keyboards. So, you can check the best mechanical keyboard under 50 to get a new one for you.

Here is a list of CS:GO skins that are surely going to break the cap. Due to the inconsistent prices and the rarity of the items in the prime market, we are enlisting the best one from various trading sites.

  1. AWP: Dragon Lore

This powerful dragon that breathes fire is available at $1555. It pushes out the bullet from the sniper rifle’s barrel. The geometric figures present on optical sight and graceful patterns on handle give the general impression of a fantasy weapon.

The AWP with Dragon Lore style is the most expensive skin for CS:GO. In 2018’s January, it was sold for $61,052.63. This might not be the original one but a souvenir that has a unique set of stickers such as G2 eSports, PGL, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, Cloud9. The skin is one of a kind.

The price of the skin higher than the others and also, it is pretty rare. There is a small chance that the players will be able to get them, after the matches or from the cases.

  1. M4A4: Howl

The skin gives you an impression that you are holding a beast in the hand. It is difficult to sooth its anger. The skin will shoot deadly bullets when it comes to the enemies. This is a way to secure success.

This skin is pretty unique. Also, it is quite expensive being available at $1079. You will not be able to get these from the cases or from a regular drop towards the end of matchmaking. You will be able to obtain M4A4 Howl skin through the process of trading. You have to say that this is a great way to increase value and rarity, even if it isn’t intentional.

  1. AWP: Medusa

This is a weapon style that seems to be made for the energy of cold killing. The sniper rifle is going to have a look as dangerous as they look at Medusa Gorgon. The only difference of the rifle with the character from mythology is that AWP Medusa will be able to kill the opponent even if it is unable to see it. It is going to be hidden nicely. The price of this skin is $862.

  1. P90: Emerald Dragon

This actually belongs to the Bravo Collection. Once you take a look at this, you will feel that it is the work of an Asian artist. There is lizard-like design like a tattoo all over the skin. At present, this skin is available at less than half of the original price.

  1. Karambit: Case Hardened

This is a knife which has a shape like that of tiger claw and blade appears to be solid. It is very strong and no one will be able to break it. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best CS:GO knives that are available. It is the most expensive one, too. If you want to incorporate this strength into the playing style then use Case Hardened Karambit for the Counter-Strike game. It is available for $258.

  1. AK-47: Fire Serpent

On this weapon skin, you will find a dragon-like serpent painted all throughout the body. This can be said to be one of the most potent automatic rifles to be available. It appears as if the beast is trying to come out of a small surface of this rifle which leads to the destructive energy of the weapon. The price of the skin is $197.

  1. M9 Bayonet: Crimson Web

This is a knife that is blood red in color. It will enter the flesh of the enemy like sharp and long canine of a wild animal. The design of the skin might make the players dangerous and stronger. Yet, M9 Bayonet looks pretty graceful. This is just because of the light lines which are like the thin web that covers up the entire blade. If you get this CS:GO skin, you will start considering yourself to be lucky. Having a cool knife means you will be able to carry it in your virtual hand to run quickly. Moreover, you will be able to see how the character is actually playing with it. Hence, you get to admire its beauty.

  1. AK-47: The Empress

You will find the face of a beautiful looking lady on the weapon’s body. This is a dangerous weapon and the lady on it doesn’t look helpless at all. Actually, a lot of power is known to be hidden in her. This is mainly because she is an empress. The glorious shine around her is proof of her power. Also, it is also a sign of your power as you win the battle with the help of the weapon.

  1. Ak-47: Case Hardened

This is an automatic rifle that has been made for terrorist. It has a strong body. The gun is an efficacious weapon for killing the counter-terrorist who is on a lookout to thwart the mission. It appears like Case Hardened might be suitable for the players. This is a great skin but it doesn’t have much design features.

It is quite obvious that there are two primary factors that develop value for CS:GO skins, rarity, and beauty. The second one is subjective. However, many people playing these games seem to have similar views when it comes to the beauty of these weapons. , on the other hand, is controllable. Skins that are unique are the most valuable ones among the inventories of the players. Skins will make them visually interesting and this attracts more players towards the game.

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