When we use the internet, one thing that we quickly realise is just how big and vast it is. It has become one of the most important tools of the modern generation. When you take a look at social media, in particular, it’s easy to see how the internet has, in the eyes of some, taken over.

Who, though, would be the ‘winner’ on a daily average? What companies that we all tend to visit are the ones most likely to be seeing huge visiting numbers daily?


With over 73m active users in a single day, it’s safe to say that Facebook is massive. Millions more than this have a profile, but you might not check it every day. Facebook, though, is bringing in over 70m active users in a single day: what other websites could even hope to reach that kind of scale and growth?

It can be hard to get your head around in many ways. Facebook has become a major part of the modern world, and that shows little sign of slowing down. The fact that millions are tuned in on any given day shows you the immense pull and gravity that it has as a website.

If you are someone who spends even a moment per day on Facebook, you are part of that 73m. Since the site thrives on social activity, though, it’s easy to see why many people keep coming back.


Though IG might not be as big as Facebook in terms of sheer membership volume, it appears to have much more loyalty. How so? Because according to research from Cliponveneers.uk.com, in a given day, just under 500m active users could be on Instagram. Those numbers are actually quite hard to comprehend. It is true, though: people come onto IG for everything from liking their partners’ holiday snaps to promote their business.

For many people, too, Instagram is like a constantly refreshing shopping channel. They can look at the best releases and the finest deals, making purchases that they would never find on the high street. This obviously brings people back in the future and makes Instagram much more likely to see its active users level increase.

While it might not be as active as some other sites in terms of member volume, it’s arguable that Instagram could be the most commonly used site by those who actually use it.


Twitter itself is quite an odd community. People who use Twitter tend to feel quite different from other social media sites. The fact that it is commonly used by professionals, from sports stars to journalists, ensures people use it for following as much as for commenting. The character limit on a tweet, too, helps to really ensure that people use Twitter in the ‘right’ way.

Part of what makes the site so unique, though, is the fact that it continues to grow even today. For example, with around 10m active users in a single day, Twitter brings people together for all the right reasons. The active list of users might be a fiftieth of what Instagram gets, but you can believe that most people who use Twitter could spend all day on it.

It’s a more ‘serious’ and high brow social media channel, which helps to explain its concentration of users.


Next up would be Pinterest, the site used for everything from self-help guides to people showing off their newest product releases. Pinterest has many uses, but one of the most common uses is to help learn about the wider world. This has become a major part of why so many people might choose to use Pinterest, too. People like to sign in to this social media channel and just look around for ‘pins’ – articles loaded with valuable information.

With around 14m pins made per day on average, it’s easy to see why people like to come back to Pinterest. For information gathering and learning about the wider world, you would do well to find a better social media program. With around 6.5m. active users per day, too, it’s a concentrated location for those who like to enjoy something a little more educational.


While once-dominant social media site Tumblr has dropped off in popularity in many ways, it’s still a very popular part of the internet. Part of the reason stems from the fact that it is such a fine place to hang around. You can find all manner of people, from arty types to those looking to express their feelings. Part of this helps to add to the fact that Tumblr is still seeing as many 345,000 new users in a single day, and close to 20m visitors in a single day as well.

It might not be as huge as some of the other major social media channels, but Tumblr has plenty of growth and potential. The fact it works as a small sub-sector of the internet that you can command and control, too, is very impressive. For some, it is their first and last port of call when looking around the web.


The biggest site in the world for many, YouTube is the home of internet entertainment. People turn to it all the time, with the whopping 5bn video views in a single day a fine testament to just how ‘big’ this site has become. A single day can bring close to 30m unique visitors, too, showing you just how big the site has become in terms of overall visibility and size.

People pop onto YouTube for everything from learning how to play the guitar to pick up some tips for their comedy sketch. It’s a site for entertainment and for education, arguably in equal measure. For that reason, then, you can find that YouTube does a spectacular job of changing things up and really transforming how you view your use of the internet. As one of the most commonly used sites on any given day, its popularity is incredible.